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9 Must-Visit Tourist Spots in the Philippines

Yes, you might have convinced yourself to go to the Philippines with these 7 reasons. But where do you actually go? Don’t worry. We got you!

Here are 9 must-visit tourist spots in the Philippines.




Many stay in the capital city, Manila, for a few days just because international flights usually connect here. Manila is quite a busy metropolis (and if I must warn you, has terrible traffic.) But it still has some spots you can visit.

The famed “Intramuros” is a trip back to the Colonial era. In Spanish, Intramuros directly translates as “within the walls” describing the city’s architecture within rustic colonial walls. You can see multiple remnants of the era with beautiful churches and museums.

You can even ride a “Calesa” (a two-wheeled horse carriage) to tour around the city. You can do a free walking tour or some locals offer to guide you around for around 800 PHP or $16.




With just a bus ride away, you can traverse outside the metro to the mountainous Baguio. Baguio is esteemed as the summer capital of the Philippines with cooler temperatures ranging from 12 to 24 degrees depending on the season.

You can stroll around the Mines View Park to enjoy the view. And stay in Camp John Hay to experience nature while you relax in your stay.

Go further north to see the world-renowned Rice terraces! You will never go wrong with Baguio!




Probably one of the most beautiful places in the world, Boracay offers powdery white sand beaches with turquoise waters. Experience relaxing with your drink of choice amidst this paradisiacal backdrop.

Boracay also has many things to offer like island tours, cliff diving, parasailing and so much more!




Another paradise on Earth, Palawan is one heavenly place you should go to. The famous islands of Palawan, namely, El Nido and Coron, are world-class natural wonders that might be the best in all of Southeast Asia.

The highlight of El Nido is too many to mention. But notable places you should go to are Small and Big Lagoon, and the Magpupungko gardens. The waters are so clear it’s as if you’re in an aquarium with schools of fishes swimming with you. The marine gardens are also populated with endemic corals. It’s a diver’s paradise!

On the other hand, Coron’s Kayangan Lake and Siete Pecados are sights to behold. Kayangan Lake is a 10-minute walk above the mountain where an otherworldly sight will surprise you. You will see a vast lake with clear waters; it’s a fitting respite from all the worries of the outside world.

Moreover, the coral gardens in Siete Pecados is probably the best in the whole Philippines. It has priced glimmering flora and fauna that you will feast your eyes on.

Palawan is so beautiful. Just arriving here will make your trip so worth it!


Isla Gigantes

Isla Gigantes

If you don’t want the normal path (although the “normal” path is so beautiful), you can check out Isla Gigantes in Central Philippines. Isla Gigantes also has lagoons and esteemed beaches. But what sets it apart is the UNLIMITED SCALLOPS you can eat on the island.

YES! The island is the scallop capital of the Philippines, where one scallop is priced at 1 PHP. That’s 50 scallops for $1! Imagine feasting like kings and queens at the price of almost nothing. Enjoy your stay!




Another delicacy of the Philippines is mangoes! And the Guimaras mangoes are probably the sweetest in the world. It’s attributed to the minerals in the soil of the island and how they preserve the species. There are no other species of mangoes that are allowed to be planted in the area.

And abroad, it fetches a price of $5 per piece! And in Guimaras, you can buy it for as low s $2 per kilo! And during the annual Guimaras “Manggahan festival” around May, you can even avail of an eat-all-you-can mango feast for just $2.

Of course, the island still has beautiful beaches and relics of the past. But the highlights of your Guimaras trip are probably munching on this sweet fruit!




Cebu is the old capital of the Philippines and is the largest island in the Visayan region. It houses numerous places you can indulge into.

But probably the highlights will be the Bagadian Falls Canyoneering, Whale Shark Watching in Oslob, and the Sardine Run in Moalboal. Of course, we can’t discount the famed Cebu Lechon — heralded as the “Best Pig, ever” by Anthony Bourdain.

Visit Cebu to experience an exhilarating adventure of a lifetime!

Bohol Bohol

If Willy Wonka has a mountain, he might name it the Chocolate hills! But it’s not just fiction. There’s an actual “Chocolate hills” in the province of Bohol.

Well, you can’t eat it. But the Chocolate hills are like hills of chocolates over the horizon. It’s a natural wonder unique to Bohol!

Of course, Bohol has the ever-popular tarsier. And the paradise Panglao islands.




If you like surfing, Siargao is a destination you must go to. Siargao is the surfing capital of the Philippines with waves you can frolic on all day long! It also has natural wonders such as the Magpupunko beach and tidal pools and the Sohoton natural reserve.


There you have it! Multiple places you can go to in the Philippines where you will surely enjoy! Take the trip of a lifetime and explore the wonders of the Philippines! It’s worth it.

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