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5 Types of Architects and How to Hire Them Online

Hiring architects nowadays does not require you to hire locally. With the rise of remote work and the ubiquity of outsourcing and offshoring companies, you can hire an architect online anywhere, anytime.

But how do you actually hire the right architect? First, you should know about the different types of architects. Then decide which one of them is the right fit for your business.

Architects do more than design buildings, skyscrapers, and other structures. There are different types of architects you can hire for various structures–each with its own nature and purpose.

1. Architectural Designer

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Architectural designers are entry-level personnel who develop building designs for housing and commercial use. You may ask: “If so, then why not just call them architects?” Good point, but calling architectural designers architects is not quite right. Architectural designers are architects without a license…yet.

They work under the supervision of licensed architects. Part of their job is to get to know clients and their design preferences. They are also expected to do on-site visits to check the compatibility of their designs with the location. After that, they develop design plans and have them approved by their supervisors.

When hiring architectural designers online, make sure that they are familiar with building codes. Test their budgeting skills on top of looking into their design capabilities. Safety and budget are two of the biggest factors to consider.

Average Salary: around AUD 472/month (PHP 17,420)

2. Residential Architect

Architect's design of a modern house

Residential architects are the most in-demand architects around. They design single privately owned houses and housing establishments with multiple homes.

While working on private residences, architects communicate directly with the owner/s or real estate developers. They discuss with them the design plan and recommending other professionals to help with the construction. Moreover, they can provide interior design services if you need them.

When hiring residential architects online, it is important to check whether candidates are trustworthy. This can be gauged through their work history, portfolio, and clientele. Ask them about their professional network. If possible, contact a couple of them to discuss the candidates and gain insight into their personality and work ethics. Testing their interior design capability will also help you make a hiring decision.

Average Salary: around AUD 1,375/month (PHP 50,790)

3. Commercial Architect

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Commercial architects are often in-charge of designing buildings located in busy city areas. They design office buildings, hotels, and shopping malls.

Designing plans for such buildings can be more challenging and complicated than designing private residences. Therefore, when hiring commercial architects, it is important to test their knowledge on pedestrian safety requirements. Allow them to showcase their ability to create designs in relation to the immediate surroundings.

Of course, it is also imperative that you test how candidates design the flow of service areas in commercial buildings. Are the fire exits easily accessible? Does the location of the different service areas make sense? These are some of the questions you can consider when evaluating the candidates’ work.

Average Salary: around AUD 1,375/month (PHP 50,790)

4. Industrial Architect

a man holding a compass and an empty warehouse in the background

Designing plans for industrial buildings such as factories and warehouses are part of an industrial architect’s job. This role is highly specialized as the list of design requirements differ from one industry to another. For example, the design requirements of a fireworks factory is very different from those of a candy factory.

When deciding to hire an industrial architect, consider someone with extensive experience in designing for a specific industry. You need someone who understands the nature of your business or industry. They should be able to incorporate safety standards and production flow and output into their designs.

A skilled industrial architect understands that their design have a huge impact on the success of a business. Therefore, it will also help you make a hiring decision to check on the architect’s knowledge on business.

Average Salary: around AUD 1,375/month (PHP 50,790)

5. Landscape Architect

a hand drawing a garden

Landscape architects design outdoor structures such as greenery, hardscapes, and water elements. They work on the area between the exterior of a building and the boundary of the land.

One important factor to consider before hiring a landscape architect is their adherence to the primary design concept. One example is when designing recreational parks and golf courses. The candidates should be able to apply the design concept and match them with the other facilities and amenities.

Aesthetics is another factor to look into when hiring a landscape architect. Nowadays, people are always looking for Instagrammable areas to take pictures and post on their social media accounts. The candidates’ designs must not only be practical but also fun and pleasing to look at.

Average Salary: about AUD 1,650/month (PHP 60,900)

You now have an idea about the different types of architects. We’ve also discussed the factors to consider when hiring them online. It’s time to ask the question:

Should You Hire an Architect?

Designing structures is complicated and requires a specific set of skills. These skills need to be continuously honed as the architecture is an ever-changing and evolving industry. So unless you are gifted with the needed skills and the time, you can forgo hiring an architect. Otherwise, it will be a smart decision to hire one.

An architect can help you navigate around design options, building codes, and zoning laws, among others. They can guide you throughout the entire design and construction process. Through them, you meet your design needs and work within your time frame and allocated budget.

At Remote Staff, we have a pool of qualified and talented architects. We have pre-screened our architects to meet our clients’ needs. Our architects can help you solve architectural problems in creative ways and work within your budget. Ultimately, they can help make your life easier.

If you need help in making a hiring decision, simply give us a call. We will help you find the right person for the job.

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