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Five Principles For Designing Your Perfect Home Office

Five Principles For Designing Your Perfect Home Office

Many of us couldn’t care less about what our office desks are made of or the color of our swivel chair prior to the pandemic. But now that we’re all stuck working at home, we’re bombarded with ads and articles for sprucing up our home office.

While it can seem superficial, I can’t overemphasise the importance of a comfortable home office. As of this writing, most of us can’t really go anywhere else, so we might as well make ourselves comfortable.

You don’t even have to be an interior designer to design YOUR perfect home office. Just follow some basic principles and you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a better setup:

Invest in your equipment.

Invest in your equipment

Fast and stable internet speed and efficient equipment are non-negotiables in any remote worker’s arsenal. It’s best to build your office around these rather than the other way around.

Also, it helps to invest in certain accessories. A high-quality external web camera is especially useful if you’re constantly in Zoom meetings, as is a good-quality headset or an external mic. The latter will help you sound clearer during calls and online gatherings.

Don’t forget to get insurance for your equipment as well, if applicable. Since you’re relying heavily on them, insurance can give you peace of mind in case of loss or damages.

Good lighting is essential.

Good lighting is essential

Video calls are the closest thing we’ve got to personal meetings. Good lighting can make you look more professional when meeting your team members and/or clients.

No need to buy expensive lighting, though. If your work space has a well-placed window, that will do. Natural daylight is best if you can get it after all (as well as a great source of vitamin D, but I digress).

Otherwise, there are affordable ring lights available online. They’re fairly easy to set up and controlling the brightness and intensity is pretty straightforward.

Keep your work area private.

Keep your work area private

It’s virtually impossible to finish tasks and conduct meetings properly amidst so much noise. Thus, always keep your door shut while working. If you have important calls coming up, let your family know in advance so they can keep it down.

If you don’t have a spare room and have to work in an open space (e.g., at the kitchen table), you can put up a sign reminding your kids or family members to keep quiet.

Get organised.

Get organised

You don’t need a big space to be productive, but you should keep things organised. Your productivity (and your sanity) will thank you.

Keep things or equipment you use on a daily basis within easy reach. These include your writing materials, memo pads, chargers, headsets, etc. The important thing is to keep your space clutter-free and your equipment readily accessible.

Use ergonomic materials.

Use ergonomic materials

These refer to monitor risers, wrist rest mouse pads, footrests, and document holders. Basically, they refer to things that lessen the strain on your body that prolonged sitting can inflict. For instance, there are ergonomic chairs that feature a pelvis balance point and free shoulder technology.

If you spend countless hours in front of your computer, ergonomic materials and equipment are a good investment. They don’t just make your office look good, but they’ll also help you feel more comfortable while working.

The most important thing to remember is to make your space your own. Your home office is only ideal if it reflects your personality and if you’re comfortable working there. That way, you’re more likely to be more productive.

Of course, if you want to get more done, you can also hire a virtual assistant (VA) or even an entire remote team, if needed. Remote Staff has been providing AU entrepreneurs with high caliber writers, virtual assistants, and graphic designers for 14 years and counting. You can bet that access to our rich talent pool will be the ultimate WFH accessory that’ll take your efficiency to new levels.

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