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5 Key Business Areas that are Best Outsourced

In today’s fast-moving market, finding ways to slash operational and labor costs while maximizing efficiency and productivity, is a must for any business. This is why more and more companies are leaning towards outsourcing. Outsourcing is when a company contracts an external service provider or a remote staffing solution to perform a process that is normally done internally—all at a lower cost. Helping companies acquire cost-effective, talented, and diverse talents from all around the globe, outsourcing also enables businesses to focus on what they do best.

For companies, especially SMEs (or small and medium-sized enterprises), one of the first steps in outsourcing is strategizing which key area/s of their business need to be outsourced. Tapping specific outsourcing services will depend on the nature of said business, manpower, and of course, resources.

There are many different kinds of outsourcing services currently on the market. Below are five strategic business functions and areas that often tap outsourcing services.

  1. HR & Admin

This is an area that often racks up significant operational costs – from office space rentals, administrative support, office supplies, and office equipment; to finding, hiring, managing, and keeping human resources. Today, a number of outsourcing businesses, such as Remote Staff, offer HR & Admin support. This solution is perfect for companies that want to reduce time-consuming administrative work and those who are looking to streamline their HR processes.

  1. Personal Assistance

Outsourcing a personal assistant is one way for business owners to cut down operational costs while alleviating workflow. One such way to do this is to capitalize on professional services from a virtual assistant from the Philippines. With a virtual personal assistant, employers pay for the hours rendered, and nothing more. Employers also save money on office space, equipment, and any other collaterals needed by office-based staff. By getting a VA, employers can get all the benefits of having an office-based PA, without the extra cost.

  1. Financial/Accounting Support

Financial management plays a big role in any business. But for companies that do not specialize in accounting services, it would be more efficient to outsource financial tasks to outsourcing providers that do specialize in accounting and bookkeeping. Not only does this lessen time-consuming back-office work, but it also lowers a company’s operational costs, and enables the business to focus more on their core business targets.

  1. Web Programmers & Designers

In this day and age, having an effective and captivating digital presence has become a vital ingredient in business success. However, building a team of talented and experienced web programmers and designers take a lot of time and investment on the part of the employer. Hiring a third-party provider or outsourcing web designers who specialize in website design and programming might just be the trick in having a great website, without the recruitment hassle.

  1. Writers/SEO

In the marketing world, words make money. Perceptions, and optimizing the right words are paramount in driving traffic. Hiring the right remote writers and having an outsourced SEO can give your business the marketing boost it needs. The good thing about writers and SEO specialists is that these individuals can work from anywhere, as long as they have the right tools. No need to have an office-based staff to provide businesses with compelling, creative, and optimized copies; the next winning content can just come remotely.

Successful companies have always focused on their strengths. By outsourcing time-consuming processes to dedicated external vendors, employers enable their people to focus on their main specializations and perform tasks that add to the bottom line. Streamlining processes and improving company efficiency does not need to be challenging; sometimes, all it takes is knowing if outsourcing is the right approach for your company.

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