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4 Fantastic Facts That Prove Filipino Remote Workers Rock

So you’ve heard all the talk about how hiring a virtual staff will save you money while allowing you to focus on growing your business. No doubt you’ve also read the many articles detailing how the Philippines has become one of the top outsourcing destinations in the world because of its low-cost yet highly skilled labor force. But you’re still on the fence because, well…you’re not sure how you’ll fare managing staff from a foreign land. You’re probably thinking…

“What are Filipino remote workers really like?”

To put your mind at ease, let me reassure you that Filipino remote workers are some of the best people that you could hire for your business. Granted, I’m biased because I’m Filipino, so I’ve compiled some statistics to back my case.

1) 55% have a positive outlook.

More than half of Filipino workers surveyed by Pru Life UK are optimistic about the future. Believing that each generation enjoyed a higher standard of living than preceding ones—they’re confident that as the economy improves, life will only get better and better.

2) 70% are content with their jobs.

Jobstreet reports that three-fourths of Filipino employees are fulfilled with their careers, with 15% “very happy” and 55% “quite satisfied” with their jobs, which includes salary, benefits, and incentives given by employers.

3) 59% are tech confident.

Filipinos easily adapt to new technology and believe they will not only survive but thrive in the brave new world of digital. In fact, among 12 markets in the New World of Work Index survey, the Philippines ranked third as its workers have proven highly receptive to innovation.

4) 85% are used to working after business hours.

Work doesn’t really stop at the end of the day for Filipinos—they have no qualms responding to calls and additional tasks beyond their official time in order to get the job done.

These facts put to rest the misguided notion that Filipino workers have a long way to go compared with their Western counterparts. We Filipinos are hardworking, adaptable, and responsive to the demands of the industry. We’re a great group to work with, I swear! Just ask my boss.

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