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10 Tips On How Outsourcing to Filipinos Can Help Your Business

Outsourcing opens you to a lot of options. You can get talent from different parts of the globe. But there’s one particular country in which you can get the full outsourcing experience, without having to sacrifice much for your business. This country is none other than the Philippines. Here are 10 reasons why Outsourcing to the Philippines is good for your business.

1. Gives you access to a large pool of talent

Besides being known for having the most talented singers, Filipinos are also recognized for the variety of skills they possess. They are known for being hard workers who can bring a ton of fresh ideas to any type of business. There’s no need to worry about having a language barrier as they can express themselves very well in the English language, may it be written or verbal. With a large number of skilled Filipinos ready to work, it won’t take that long for you to find the perfect remote worker for the job.

2. Flexibility

There’s no limit to the number of positions you can hire. You need someone to do Data Entry? No worries! Outsourcing to the Philippines makes it all the easier to find one to do the job. Filipinos are also known to be fast-learners, observant, and quick-to-adapt. This makes them flexible for any task or any given job. Other positions you can possibly outsource include a Web Designer, a Bookkeeper, a WordPress Developer, a Graphic Designer, a Social Media Marketer, and more.

3. You save — a lot!

One major reason why most companies outsource because it cuts down a huge chunk of their staffing costs. It allows them then to allocate their other resources to other parts of the business. Also, the hassle of having to give them an office and equipment is automatically slashed off from the list of things you would usually take care of when having employees work in an office. Outsourcing to the Philippines means your employees will be working in the comforts of their homes, using their own equipment for the job. Not to mention, the savings you can get out of your operational expense like utilities such as electricity and water cost.

4. Reduced Management Responsibilities

Outsourcing to the Philippines with the help of Remote Staff Inc., you don’t need to worry about the long hiring process or monitoring their work. Remote Staff has a Western-standard Recruitment Team that specializes in finding you the most suitable person for your business. Their Compliance Department sees to it that your Remote employees are able to deliver, and their Accounts Department makes sure that your employees are paid right and on time. This gives you fewer things to worry about. Providing more time to focus on other more important aspects of the business.

5. Reduced Legal Liability

Dealing with lawsuits is taken away from your plate as your Outsourcing partner such as Remote Staff Inc. can handle all the legal processes or transactions needed when hiring your in-house staff.

6. Focus on your business’ core function

Handing over all the back-office administrative tasks to your Remote Staff from the Philippines can help you better focus on what you would like improve in your services. Now that other people are doing the things you would do most of the time, you have all the time to properly execute the plans that have been stored for quite a while.

7. Work-life balance for employees

Giving employees the opportunity to work from home benefits you as well. Allowing them to be given less of a hassle to commute, and a more flexible schedule will then, produce better results for you. Having to work from home drives them to become more productive with work, especially with the idea of being surrounded by their inspiration–family.

8. Presents fresh ideas to the table

Creating a fresh virtual team can also mean a chest full of fresh ideas. The ideas these professionals have may be the catalyst to your business’ success. When you outsource for talent, it also allows you to analyze the type of workflow present in the team. You can get inspiration from these changes in operation that you may consider applying to your original system of operation.

9. 24-hour Operation

Your business never sleeps when you outsource to a country that has a completely different time zone from yours. You can rest knowing your staff on the other side of the world is continuing all the work for you. That also equates to additional revenue for you being able to maximize all your resources and time.

10. Tech-ready

When it comes to technology, the Philippines sees to it that it is on par with the latest technology innovation used internationally. Here at Remote Staff, we see to it that your staff have the necessary software or equipment to get the job done. Inclusive in our process is to determine the software and hardware capability of your remote workers. We also verify the average internet speed from respective internet providers. Making sure that your staff is remote-ready.

Do take note of the following tips. It pays to know the best outsourcing model or company that would suit your business needs. If you’re planning to start this journey, partner with Remote Staff and witness your business grow into fruition.

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