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What Does Your Virtual Assistant Do?

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is someone who will help you run your business or help you handle your personal tasks while you focus on your business, things like sending flowers, cards, or ordering you an Uber, a Virtual Assistant could do just about anything. We are all busy and that trend will only increase as time goes on, what’s wrong with asking for help every now and then? That is what a Virtual Assistant is there for, be it through a one-time contract or long term.

While a virtual assistant can handle various tasks, there is a certain limit as to what they can legally do, much like a physical assistant, there are limitations, and more often than not, a virtual assistant cannot take the place of an employee. However, a virtual assistant can take some tasks that other employees would be doing in order to even out the spread of the workload, helping ensure that those employees can focus on the growth of the business instead of focusing on smaller tasks. This article will be discussing the benefits of having a Virtual Assistant:


A virtual assistant can handle the groundwork of researching for your business, brand, or start-up, saving many hours’ worth of time and energy. Scanning the business environment for potential investors and various other necessities such as line items and office space, all while running a business by yourself would be extremely challenging, which is why having an extra set of hands sharing the workload while you focus on other matters is very helpful.

However, a virtual assistant’s online responsibilities can extend further than doing research, they can handle making blog posts, ghostwriting, and editing to maintain the flow of content on your site. Maintaining a steady stream of content can be an excellent method to grow an online presence, the more content means the chances of one of your articles being found by someone in a search engine, who would then click on the page for further information. This task, however, can be quite large, thus it may be prudent to have a dedicated ghostwriter or content creator.


Akin to a regular assistant, virtual assistants can also handle all scheduling tasks. From organizing a calendar, making daily itineraries, or scheduling meetings, a virtual assistant can handle the minute details to keep your day organized while you can focus on your work, ensuring that you can make the most out of your day to accomplish as much as possible. In addition to this, a virtual assistant can also book flights, reserve cars, arrange pickups, and book hotels on your behalf, freeing up large sections of time, especially if you do plenty of traveling, spending plenty of time in transit, and already having accommodations ready for you once you arrive at your destination.

Apart from work, a virtual assistant can help you maintain various daily tasks of your personal life such as scheduling doctor’s appointments, sending gifts, and answering phone calls, on your behalf. Greatly removing some stress from your day-to-day life.


Compiling, creating, editing, and maintaining an entire database of clients is a very large task, not to mention, very time-consuming. Having your virtual assistant handle tasks such as these would save large sections of time, making sure that the database of clients, contacts, customers, inventory, email addresses, and various business leads remains organized, and that no irrelevant data is left behind. Keeping your database organized will help save time and effort when trying to find a particular file or customer record.


A virtual assistant can even help you make PowerPoint presentations, taking raw data from their research, and translating it into more understandable PowerPoints, easing your decision-making process. This links back to the first benefit of having a virtual assistant, they can do plenty with this information, compiling research and plot competition, goals, and market share, into an understandable presentation that you could share with potential investors, clients, or your own team.


Running a business can be equal parts exhausting and stressful, so when you have a virtual assistant, you can have them focus on the more tedious tasks so that you can free up some time on your schedule for some much-needed rest and relaxation. Some time away from all the stresses of work does a mind and body well, giving you a refreshed and renewed perspective on different topics, or just have you rejuvenated to take on another busy workload.

These have been just a few of the many benefits and of having a virtual assistant, their capabilities and proficiencies will surely be a great boon to any company or organization, assisting in making them more efficient, laying various groundwork allowing one to focus on other matters.

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