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What Can a Virtual Assistant Do for a Restaurant Owner?

The battle for your customers’ palates (and wallets) is now online. Unsure about how to proceed? A Virtual Assistant can help you out!

Virtual assistants aren’t just for answering your calls and emails or organizing your schedule. The right ones can even help you get your business up and running online!

So, without further ado, here’s a handful of surprising tasks that qualified VA’s can carry out for you and your restaurant:


1 Website design and maintenance

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Website design and maintenance.

A website that looks good and functions properly will give you an edge over your competitors. The right VA can design, create, and maintain one with very minimal supervision.

2 Email and Booking Management

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Email and Booking management.

Overwhelmed by the sheer number of emails from suppliers and customers? A VA can take those out of your hands and monitor your inbox for you. They can also take care of handling restaurant reservations or inquiries about catering or bulk orders.

3 Social Media Management

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Social media management.

Got no time to answer all those questions about what’s available on today’s menu or till what time customers can come in and pick up their orders? Get a VA to handle it.

4 Tabletop marketing materials design

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Tabletop marketing materials design.

Need a new menu layout? How about flyers announcing that you’re officially open for delivery or pick-up? A VA with a graphic design background can do that and more.

5 Search engine optimization (SEO)

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Search engine optimization (SEO).

Even if you don’t have a website, you can still rank high on Google’s search results page if you set up your Google My Business account properly. A good VA can do that for you and even make sure your restaurant shows up first when customers type in “best Adelaide/Sydney/Melbourne restaurant for BBQ/Chinese/Korean.”

6 Content creation for websites and social media accounts

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Content creation for websites and social media accounts.

No need to rack your brains for what to put on your website or social media accounts. Some VA’s also happen to be technical/creative writers, and they’ll happily take this on for you.

7 Customer support

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Customer support.

VA’s can answer phone calls, take note of customer concerns, and with the right training, resolve most of these from their end.

8 Sales reports generation

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Sales reports generation.

Whether you need them daily, weekly, or monthly, you can train a VA to generate them for you. It’ll take much less time than having to make them yourself.

Employee Handbook On A Wooden Desk In Office.

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Employee manual design and layout.

The #NewNormal will require new policies for your restaurant staff too. With a VA, you won’t have to come up with them on your own.

10 Bookkeeping

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Some VA’s have a background in accounting and can help you balance your books and process your payroll.

11 Inventory management

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Inventory management.

A VA can monitor your restaurant’s inventory and place the necessary orders when you’re running low, all without having to bother you about it once you finish training them.

Best of all, VA’s don’t take up valuable office space. Hiring them remotely also means your $$$’s will go a lot further.

Intrigued? Considering interviewing some pre-qualified VA candidates? Contact Remote Staff and we’ll help you get things done.

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