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3 Simple Steps to Set Up Facebook Shops

At this time, every business should have online operations ready. You need to be able to cater to your clients without meeting them at all. With that, an online shop is a necessity.

Where do you build, you ask? There are multiple platforms you can use, but do you know that Facebook pages have a free Online Shop function?

Yes! It’s not just an engagement tool. You can also sell directly from your Facebook page through this function!


Why Facebook

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Why Facebook?

So you ask, why sell on Facebook? Well, we all know the massive reach of Facebook and the marketing functionalities using its highly customizable ad targeting. If you have an active and growing page, you can close the deals while interacting with your posts.

And the Facebook Shop function is for free! You get unlimited product listings, engagement analytics, and visibility in the Facebook Marketplace.

Even if you have an e-commerce website already, you can sync both for maximum exposure. Here is how

Customize Tabs

If you haven’t already, create a Facebook Business page.

Customize Tabs - 1

Click Settings.


Customize Tabs - 2

And then, go to the “Templates and Tabs” button.


Customize Tabs - 3

And look for “Shop.”


Customize Tabs - 4

If you can’t find it, you can add the shop tab by clicking the “Add a tab” button. While at it, you can also take out the tabs that aren’t relevant to your business.


Customize Tabs - 5

In this example, you can now see the Shops tab on the left side of your FB page.

Setting Up Payments

Now, click the shop button. And FB will prompt you with some questions.

Setting Up Payments - 1

After you agree with the terms and policies for FB Merchants, you will choose a method of payment. It’s either you choose “Message to Buy” if you want them to check out the items on Facebook itself. Or “checkout on another website” to redirect them to the website product page.


Setting Up Payments - 2

Next, choose your currency. And that’s it you created your shop!

Check Out Advantage and Disadvantage

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Check Out: Advantage and Disadvantage

There are advantages and disadvantages to both. If they check out through Facebook, the sales process will be faster because you reduce one step. And it’s also handy for those who don’t have websites. The problem is, not every country has the integration with payment options. So some may do it manually.

As for “checkout on another website,” you can put website promotions to entice them to buy more. You can even get them to subscribe to your newsletter and drive traffic to other product pages. The con is, there’s an extra step to the sales process.

Adding Products

Adding a product is as easy as posting a Facebook update.

Adding Products - 1

Just click add product.


Adding Products - 2

And you will be prompted to this window. Just fill in the details, and you’re good to go.


Adding Products - 3

Your product posting will like this. You can also arrange them into categories and collections for easy navigation.


Facebook Tools for More Sales

Facebook Tools for More Sales

Facebook has so many functions you can use to increase the sales of your FB shop. You can:

  • Share products on your page for engagement
  • See product insights to strategize better
  • Use the ad manager to target a customized audience

For a free tool, you can drive more income online. It can be a new business platform that can help make your financial bottom line more stable during the New Normal.

With that, It’s time to set up your Facebook shop! Cheers!

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