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What Are Lead Magnets and Which Ones Are Best For Growing Your Email List_

What Are Lead Magnets and Which Ones Are Best For Growing Your Email List?

Customers used to enjoy receiving email notifications from businesses. But with so many companies releasing email blasts, it got old. Quickly.

So, these days, some of those well-written emails end up in spam or trash folders – if the recipients haven’t unsubscribed to your newsletters, that is.

Don’t get me wrong. Email marketing is still effective, but the game has changed. The old “Subscribe to our newsletter for updates about our latest offers” just doesn’t work anymore, especially with the rise of social media.

Nobody wants a full inbox, especially if most of the messages are the same old advertising. Customers want fresh, interesting, and relatable content. Most of all, they don’t want to feel like they’re being forced to subscribe to a newsletter for news and updates.

So, how do you engage without appearing pushy? Well, the answer lies in lead magnets.

What is a Lead Magnet?


Simply put, a lead magnet is any free incentive your audience gets in exchange for their email address. Customers like to receive free stuff because it makes them feel connected to a brand- even before they make an actual purchase.

Basically, lead magnets can help you get more subscribers, build lasting relationships, and eventually, turn your followers into loyal customers.

We’ve already established that sales isn’t a linear process. Thus, it’s important to develop a sales funnel that is consistent with your long-term goals and this is where lead magnets come in.

Benefits of Lead Magnets

So, what can lead magnets do for you?

Build Relationships with Customers

Build Relationships with Customers

Modern customers are wary of brands that pursue profit at the expense of providing high quality services and products. Sometimes, they even boycott them.

While businesses do need to make money, this shouldn’t be the sole focus and it definitely shouldn’t be at the frontline of your campaigns. Used properly, lead magnets can show your potential customers that you’re not just after their money. Rather, you’re also keen on engaging with them before, during, and even after their purchase.

Establish Credibility


Since lead magnets are a form of subtle advertising, constant exposure to them can make your customers look to you as a reliable authority in your field. Every time you release value-added content, you remind your followers about what you can offer. You can bet that they’ll remember you when they come across a need that your business can fill.

And you can do this in a variety of ways. A direct announcement, short article, newsletter, or even a social media post will suffice, so long as they’re well-crafted and provide value.

Position Your Brand As an Expert


Customers like consistency, whether through content or branding. Once they sign up to your newsletters, they’re likely open to learning more about what you have to offer.

Thus, you just need to be consistent in building your following. Once you develop a large base of customers (and with enough experience), you can position yourself as an expert in your industry without much trouble.

Best Lead Magnets You Can Try

So, what lead magnets can you start with? Here are some tried and tested examples that work:



Virtual events can be a great way to connect with potential customers from all over the world, and at minimum expense. By organising a webinar, you can directly interact with your audience to give them a glimpse of what your company is all about. They will also have the chance to ask questions live or through email and thus help drive up your engagement.

Do remember to make your webinar specific and focused on your chosen topic rather than promoting your company. It’s best to address a single pain point during one session rather than several. That way, you’ll keep your viewers engaged and wanting more.



If you’re offering a new and innovative product, potential customers are bound to have questions. So, rather than repeatedly addressing these inquiries, why not just create a mini-guide?

For example, when they visit your website, you can have a pop up message asking them if they would like to get an ebook about your newest product (or more importantly, how to solve a common problem featuring your latest product as a solution) for FREE. All they have to do is provide their email address.

Free Product Samples or Trials


I’m sure you’ve heard of (and perhaps even tried) this one so many times already. And there’s a good reason why many businesses are doing it. It just works!

Customers are naturally hesitant to switch over to a new product because they’re not sure what to expect. When you offer a free sample, you’re letting them try it out without having to shell out money. Most of all, it also gives you the chance to show them why your products and services are worth purchasing.


Aside from these examples, there are still many ways to engage your potential and current customers through lead magnets. Whatever you choose, always make sure it’ll benefit both you and the customer.

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