Nov 23

Should You Be Friends With Your Employees?: 4 Tips on How to Make It Work

As business owners, we hire people to help us reach our goals. After all, you can’t do it alone. 

But some business owners distance themselves from their subordinates, and with good reason. After all, being overly chummy with your staff can lead to complications.

To be clear, being friendly with your employees isn’t wrong. We’re only human. And we tend to grow close to the people we spend most of our time with.

So if you decide to cultivate bonds beyond the office, here are some tips you should remember:



Set Boundaries

Being friends with your employees is quite tricky. You hold a lot of influence. So with that power, you should set boundaries.

Outside the workplace (whether it’s remote or not), there should be no conversations about work. Refrain from discussing topics like money, promotions, and compensation-related matters when you’re all just hanging out. 

Gossip should be prohibited as well, especially if it’s about their co-workers. You don’t want to build any work-related bias in their favour, which brings us to…


No Preferential Treatment

No Preferential Treatment

Your employees are smart. They’ll notice if you’re close to other employees. And they’ll be quick to spot any preferential treatment, whether real or perceived.

No one should not be exempt from the rules. If someone slips up, they should suffer the consequences. Promotions and work assignments should be solely based on merit as well. 



Build Emotional Maturity

As a leader, vulnerability and openness are crucial traits. You can show your employees that you’re relatable — to encourage them to invest in the company’s vision as well.

But when you’re friends, this vulnerability might extend to your personal life. 

A certain degree of maturity is necessary for a healthy employer-employee friendship. Before sharing any more details about your private life, assess both of your emotional maturity first.

What will happen if you clash or simply cease being friends?

Can both of you control your emotions when things go south? Or would it affect things at work?

Think twice before you decide if it’s worth the risk.


Check their Tendency to Manipulate People

Check their Tendency to Manipulate People

We like to believe in the goodness of people. But some do have the tendency to manipulate others. 

Remember, you have power and influence. And some of your “friends” might just want to benefit from it.There are ways to tell if someone is manipulating you. So if you see these red flags in your work buddies, it would be best to keep your relationship professional.


Building Friendships that Last

Building Friendships that Last

Ultimately, it is possible to be friends with our employees. A healthy friendship will foster more collaboration, support, and appreciation for one another.

And it’s fun working with your friends! But before you do, make sure to follow the tips above to protect everyone involved. 

If you’re looking for friendly remote workers, you can view our candidates of pre-qualified Filipino talents for your business. Done right, you can both enjoy a lifelong and fulfilling remote working relationship as you build your business together.

Call us or schedule a callback for any questions. Cheers!

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