Nov 24

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Working Parents for Your Team

Being a parent is a blessing! We welcome our newborns into this world, fill them with love, and watch them grow to their full potential. 

But fulfilling as it might seem, a lot of business owners have an unintentional bias against working parents. Some think working parents are less fit to handle their responsibilities. How can they have focus and time for work while taking care of a child?

To some extent, it might be true. But it’s far from the reality. Working parents can actually make valuable employees for your team. 

Here are 5 reasons why:



They Get Things Done

Business owners are hesitant because working parents might be too busy and distracted. But did you know that busy people get things done?

Their focus might be limited, but they know what they have to do. They can switch their focus onto things that matter. If it’s time to work, they work. After all, there are ways to manage your work-from-home career with kids without compromising productivity. 

That said, focus on their output. Their idle time shouldn’t matter much if they can produce quality work regardless.


They Can Help You Build a Flexible Work Culture

They Can Help You Build a Flexible Work Culture

Flexible working arrangements are the future of work. The pandemic has proven that that it works. In fact, it can even boost your productivity compared to traditional work setups.

Hiring working parents, by extension, it encourages you to think outside the box and implement better KPIs. 

And with flexible working arrangements, you don’t only attract working parents. You also attract top-tier talents across generations.

After the pandemic, almost everyone wants flexible working conditions. You will have the advantage if you have a work culture that supports that. 

Heck, it might make your current employees stay longer as well. 

After all, some of your single employees today will become parents themselves. If you have effective systems in place, you can keep your soon-to-be working parents on your team.



Working Parents are Less Likely to Go Job-Hopping

All parents want to secure their children’s future. As much as possible, they want to provide the best. 

That’s why If you’re looking for talent that will stay, they’re the perfect match.

They have the drive. They want the security of tenure and a stable income. If you can offer both, you will have a loyal employee who will be with you for the long term.


Working Parents Have the Drive to Succeed at Their Jobs

Working Parents Have the Drive to Succeed at Their Jobs 

Success is crucial for every employee.

Most want to achieve a combination of career advancements and work-life balance.  

For remote working parents,  the stakes are higher because it means more time and for their family. It’s knowing that they can secure a better future while being in the present with their loved ones.

What does this have to do with you? Well if you have driven employees, will they give their best for your company? Of course!

They give their all because their family’s future is on the line! You want those key employees in your team. 

If you can tap into this intrinsic drive to succeed, you can employ motivated employees to grow your business.


Wider Access to Top-tier Talent

Wider Access to Top-tier Talent

Having kids doesn’t mean someone is less competent than they were prior. Chances are, having them probably gives them even more reasons to succeed at work because they need to provide for their families.

You can definitely use this to your advantage! 

Some business owners might be hesitant to hire working parents, but based on the reasons above, you should at least consider them.

Several might end up being your team’s rock stars. Who knows? But you wouldn’t know if you don’t consider them from the beginning.

If you’re looking for the best talents, you can view our candidates of pre-qualified Filipino remote workers for your business. You can bet that we have high performers on our roster who can balance parenting and work productivity. 

Call us or schedule a callback for any inquiries. Cheers!

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