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Three Reasons Why WFH Is Good For Both Introverts and Extroverts

Three Reasons Why WFH Is Good For Both Introverts and Extroverts

Working from home is great…especially if you’re an introvert.

This is perhaps the most common perception about the remote work set-up, and it’s not wrong. Introverted people are independent and can work with minimal supervision. WFH is definitely the ideal haven for those who can perform best in solitude.

You probably heard very few introverts (or none at all) who complained about being stuck at home this whole time. It’s not surprising then that they were able to adjust to the #NewNormal so easily. As an introvert myself, I can attest that I prefer to stay indoors especially if I’m working.

But what about the other side of the equation?

This is an important question that needs to be examined. After all, half of the workforce are extroverts. They thrive amidst company, but now that it isn’t possible, how do they cope?

A vast majority might assume that extroverts struggle with the current work from home set-up. After all, zoom fatigue is real and extroverts are more likely to suffer from it compared to their introverted counterparts.

However, it turns out that WFH can be good for BOTH introverts and extroverts. Here are the surprising reasons why.

Convenience and Flexibility


Let’s admit it, whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, you enjoy freedom. Nothing beats not having to get up way too early to prepare for work. Not having to beat rush hour traffic every single day helps too.

Working remotely gives you this advantage. Aside from keeping you safe from local COVID-19 transmissions, you can spend more time in the morning (or afternoon) spending time with your loved ones or indulging your hobbies.

This is especially important now because productive hobbies are key to preventing burnout when you work from home. Introvert or not, we can all use the extra time to relax and unwind.

Relationships and Connections

Relationships and Connections

Now, more than ever, it’s important to connect with our loved ones. Quality time with family used to be a luxury pre-pandemic. You probably had to work (and commute) more than 10 hours a day, leaving very little time for catching up with the family.

In contrast, you have all the tie to do that now since you’re all basically just sitting next to each other working or studying. For extroverts, all this interaction with your parents, siblings, or children is a godsend in a WFH set-up. Spending more time with them can help you feel less isolated and unmoored.

If your friends live nearby, they can even visit you and you can work together remotely, provided you’ve all been vaccinated. This wouldn’t be possible in a traditional work set-up, so it might be worth a try. Just make sure to keep the chatter at a minimum so you still finish your tasks.

Communication Skills


You’re working from home, not from another planet. It’s not like you can’t interact with other people virtually. The good thing about online communication – whether that’s through emails or video calls – is it pushes you to be clear and concise.

Let’s face it. Misunderstandings happen at work all the time. Introverts tend to be timid and shy about expressing their opinions, while extroverts are prone to talking endlessly without listening.

Working from home levels the playing field.

Both introverts and extroverts have to communicate with Zoom calls and emails. These require them to listen intently and to formulate clear responses to avoid misinterpretation. Introverts have to speak up during video conferences, while extroverts have no choice but to listen.

Thus, a WFH set-up can be a good training ground for all personality types to communicate effectively at work – while staying true to their personalities.

The key to a productive WFH set-up is figuring out what works for you and your team. WFH can be rewarding if it’s done in a safe space that encourages creativity and open communication, no matter your personality type.

The good news is you don’t have to go through trial and error to find the perfect balance for managing your diverse remote teams. Remote Staff has been providing Aussie SMEs and entrepreneurs like you with skilled Filipino writers, customer service representatives, virtual assistants, and bookkeepers, just to name a few, for the last 14 years. Furthermore, we also provide insights and assistance with onboarding and monitoring to ensure a harmonious working relationship.

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