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How Zoom Fatigue Affects Extroverts and Introverts (And What to Do About It)

How Zoom Fatigue Affects Extroverts and Introverts (And What to Do About It)

Zoom is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s a key technology that makes remote working possible. In the past year, it’s even been crucial to staying in touch with friends and family.

And yet, Zoom meetings can be exhausting. I think we can all agree on that, even among us introverts. (Honestly, who enjoys holding and attending these day in and day out?)

But they are necessary to keeping things going, especially when you rely on a distributed team. So, as a business owner or manager, how can you facilitate video meetings better to minimise Zoom fatigue for everyone involved?

First, let’s understand how Zoom fatigue affects both the extroverts and introverts on your team.

Diminishing Returns and Loss of Control

Diminishing Returns and Loss of Control

It’s easy enough to understand why extroverts can find Zoom meetings frustrating. They thrive on being around people. Think large group gatherings, water cooler chats, that sort of thing.

Thus, Zoom meetings are a poor substitute for in-person face time. “Zoom is less satisfying because it doesn’t provide the same visceral feedback as live conversations,” said Roger McIntyre, a professor of psychiatry and pharmacology at the University of Toronto.

Things like body language and visual cues, which are components of face-to-face conversations, are all but absent. The limited interface can also undermine and restrict interactions, making them a lot more frustrating.

As they’re on the other side of the spectrum, introverts are generally more comfortable with video conferencing. This allows them to avoid small talk, which they neither enjoy nor excel at.

However, Zoom meetings can still be exhausting even for the most avowed introvert. Virtual meetings that require everyone to turn on their cameras can make them feel self-conscious. Having to interact with say, fifteen people at once is also stressful for introverts who prefer one-on-one conversations.

Strategies for Minimising Zoom Fatigue In Your Team

Strategies for Minimising Zoom Fatigue In Your Team

For starters, minimise Zoom meetings, period. If an email will suffice, don’t summon the entire team. Heck, Netflix even has designated “no-meeting” days, and they’re wildly popular since everyone knows they’re getting a breather that day.

The same goes for video calls. If a voice call will do, don’t require your team to turn on their cameras. It’s especially stressful for those who don’t have ideal working environments at home (i.e., with kids running around, limited space, etc).

You can also change up the pace a bit by sharing screens or even audio. Making a video call more immersive would be particularly appealing for the extroverts on your team.

Constant, effective communication is critical to remote work. As is figuring out HOW and WHEN to communicate with different personalities.

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