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Three Benefits of Providing Remote Workers With Health Insurance

Three Benefits of Providing Remote Workers With Health Insurance

These days, work is no longer confined to a traditional physical setting. Thanks to technology and the WFH set-up, we don’t have to move around or stay in one place to build our careers and businesses.

The COVID-19 pandemic was definitely a catalyst for the remote work industry. We can even argue that remote work helped save a lot of businesses, or at least the ones that were able to implement it well enough.

Nearly two years in, and remote work has become the default setup for many organisations, institutions, and even government offices around the world.

However, despite the comfort and safety that WFH brings, it’s still no guarantee of good health. After all, many remote workers tend to work outside hours, often without realising it. Worse still, staying inactive can lead to a host of physical and mental concerns.

Thus, your remote employees are likely to appreciate additional support when it comes to maintaining their well-being and good health.

Why? Let’s take a look.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from this pandemic, it’s that health insurance is important. Patients with severe COVID-19 infections found themselves saddled with enormous hospital bills. Those who didn’t have health insurance probably saw their life savings go up in smoke as a result.

Thus, health insurance is a much sought after perk these days. With a good health insurance plan in place, remote workers have one less thing to worry about and can thus give their all at work.

Also, wouldn’t you sleep better at night knowing that your top employees are covered in case they get sick? Capable and loyal remote workers aren’t always easy to find or to replace.

Talk about a win-win.

Attract (and Retain) Top Talent


There are many reasons why other employers can’t – or don’t provide health insurance. An insufficient budget is one of them. Or sometimes, they just can’t be bothered since giving remote employees proper coverage does take extra work.

However, if you can afford it, providing your remote workers with health insurance would be a great investment.

Working from home is already a signing bonus for many remote employees. What more if you offer health insurance on top of that? You can bet that you’ll find it easier to attract (and retain) top talent.

Adequate Health Care As Needed


You might be surprised at how prone remote workers are to sickness, even if they work from home. Constant stress and fatigue, if overlooked, can lead to serious illnesses. The mostly sedentary lifestyle that comes with a WFH set-up probably doesn’t help either.

Sick employees aren’t good for your business either. They can’t exactly perform at their peak or make good decisions if they’re not feeling well, right?

Since we know that disease can strike anyone at any time, it’s best to be prepared. Investing in your team’s health insurance can ensure that your best talents will receive adequate care should they need it.

By the way, you don’t even need to get an expensive health insurance plan. So long as it covers the basics, that should suffice.


Managing a business isn’t that different from managing your people. Being an entrepreneur isn’t just about developing revolutionary products or services. As you grow your company, you shouldn’t neglect looking after the key players that got you there.

Remote Staff has been providing AU SMEs and entrepreneurs like you with skilled remote workers from the Philippines for the last 14 years and counting. Aside from hiring, we also provide assistance in onboarding and can even provide basic healthcare benefits to your remote workers. No need to shop around for health insurance. *wink*wink*

Call us today or schedule a call back and let’s get started.


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