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The AU Entrepreneur’s Guide to Balancing Multiple Projects with the Help of a Virtual Assistant

If you’re an entrepreneur, building and running a business often means juggling multiple projects. While it can be exciting, it also comes with its own set of challenges. 

Without proper time management and delegation, taking on too many tasks often results in stress or even burnout. In most instances, business owners feel overwhelmed and stretched thin. 

This is where a virtual assistant (VA) comes in. With their unique skillset, a virtual assistant can help you balance multiple business projects – without losing your sanity. 

Read on to know more. 

Balancing Projects: Why Is It Hard for Entrepreneurs?  

Many professionals struggle to manage multiple projects. This desire to take on many tasks is often caused by the following: 

  • Context Switching. Most of us are guilty of opening multiple tabs on our browsers, switching to various communication channels and online meetings. This often results in lost productivity, making it more difficult to accomplish targets and meet deadlines.
  • Difficulty in Prioritising. Some tasks are urgent and some projects might take more time to accomplish. Thus, you have to prioritise those that are both urgent and important, putting off the rest until you have enough bandwidth for them. 
  • Time Management. Even if you’re good at prioritising, some days are just too hectic. Without enough time on your hands, time management is not just difficult, but also impossible. 

How Can a Virtual Assistant Help? 

A virtual assistant is one of the best-kept secrets of many business owners and entrepreneurs. They provide technical, administrative, or creative support services remotely. 

Most VAs collaborate with their clients through video conferencing, emails, phone calls, and messaging platforms. Typically, they work from their home office or a remote location. 

Either way, virtual assistants offer a wide range of administrative services such as data entry, appointment scheduling, and managing emails. Some VAs also specialise in digital marketing, content creation, social media management, and customer support. 

Given their wide range of skills, virtual assistants can offer business owners the much-needed, especially in non-core business functions.

Balancing Multiple Projects with Your VA’s Help 

The right VA can be an invaluable asset. Hiring a virtual assistant is an effective strategy to accomplish more tasks in a shorter period. 

Here’s how you can do it: 

  1. Delegate Appropriately. Define the scope of each project and assign tasks that match your VA’s skills.
  2. Set Clear Expectations. Provide detailed instructions and communicate your expectations regarding the goals, desired outcomes, and project timelines.
  3. Establish Regular Communication. Schedule regular meetings and use project management tools to stay informed on issues, concerns, and progress.
  4. Empower Decision Making. Provide guidance and at the same time, grant your VA autonomy to solve problems within their areas of responsibility.
  5. Celebrate Achievements. Recognise and appreciate their contributions to provide positive reinforcement and motivate them to do even better.

By implementing these strategies, you can maximise your productivity, efficiency, and overall outcomes. The only thing left to do is find the right virtual assistant for you.

Fortunately, Remote Staff has been providing AU businesses and entrepreneurs with skilled Filipino VAs for the last 16 years and counting. 

Whether you want to hire a virtual assistant for the very first time or need to expand your existing remote team, we’ve got you covered. 

Call us or request a call back today and let’s get started.

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Syrine is studying law while working as a content writer. When she’s not writing or studying, she engages in tutoring, events planning, and social media browsing. In 2021, she published her book, Stellar Thoughts.

About The Author

Syrine is studying law while working as a content writer. When she’s not writing or studying, she engages in tutoring, events planning, and social media browsing. In 2021, she published her book, Stellar Thoughts.

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