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How Do You Spot High Performers in Your Team? 7 Qualities You Should Watch Out For

Do you believe that the success of your business relies on your products alone? Well, a great product is undoubtedly one step in the right direction. But it’s not enough. You should also have a team of rock stars behind it! 

You should constantly be recruiting great talent to help your business grow further. But how do you spot high performers? Here are 7 qualities you should watch out for.




This should go without saying, but high performers are competent at what they do. And no, competence doesn’t equate to long working hours. Some work long hours, but the output is not at par. 

Your high performers constantly deliver high-quality output for your business, whether it’s an article, a marketing pitch, or sales. Their competence is a telltale sign that they are for keeps.



Consistent and Reliable

Ever had that point person that you can surely count on? Or maybe most of their teammates have this one go-to person for specific tasks? There’s a reason why they are like that. 

It’s not enough to turn in good work a few times. A high performer is consistent and reliable at what they do— whether someone thoroughly checks or not.


Proactive and Independent

Speaking of checking, high performers don’t need to be constantly monitored. They are proactive and independent with their tasks. 

For recurring tasks, you just have to instruct and guide them a few times. Afterwards, they can go on autopilot. They are self-starters that can provide value for your business without too much supervision. 

Yes, they do make mistakes once in a while. But they do learn from it.

As proactive individuals, they can even suggest other solutions and creative ideas to improve your company (with your approval, of course).



A Good Team Player

A great business needs collaborative effort from everyone. Producing good work is one thing. But do they work well with the team as well? 

After all, two less talented people working well together is better than one highly talented one who doesn’t get along with anyone.

Does your high performer work well with the team? Look at their people skills, particularly how they handle interactions with their colleagues. 

When you grow your business, this high performer is a candidate for leading his or her own team as well. A high performer often raises the productivity of everyone around them. 



Knows When to Say No

Though reliable, your high performers are not pushovers. They know when to say no to unreasonable requests. Yes, they might be the person for the task, but they also have deliverables to carry out. They pick up the slack of other people.

When you spot a high performer, they’re not likely to be “yes men.” They might challenge some of your ideas. But that’s the sort of feedback that could get things going in your business. 



Takes Feedback Well

A lot of people lack this quality, but high performers tend to have it in abundance because they recognise that it can take their results and performance to new heights. 

Observe them closely. How do they take feedback? Do they respond to both negative and positive feedback with the same grace? Do you see them actually work on areas of improvement?


Thirst for Learning

Thirst for Learning

Lastly, high performers are lifelong learners. 

No one is perfect, and there will always be room for improvement.

High performers want growth for their skills and their career. They are always eager to learn, either via extra classes or through mentoring. 



Are you looking for a high-performing employee? Using the indicators listed above, it’ll be easier to pinpoint the right one from a group of applicants.

Or you can just view our candidates of prequalified Filipino remote workers and start there.

Feel free to call us or schedule a callback if you have questions. Cheers to finding your high performers today!

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