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3 Reasons Why Delegating Is Important for AU Business Owners

“If you really want to grow as an entrepreneur, you’ve got to learn to delegate.” 

This quote from Richard Branson couldn’t be truer. Business owners have a lot on their plate and adding more won’t help. Ironically, the more tasks you take on, the less efficient you’ll be. 

Hence, almost all successful leaders who’ve reached the top have one piece of advice: delegate. But this is usually easier said than done. 

Let’s check out why. 

Common Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Hesitate to Delegate 

reasons why delegating is important for an entrepreneur

Many business owners hesitate to delegate tasks for the following reasons: 

  • Fear of Losing Control –  Many business owners don’t want to delegate essential business functions. Aside from security issues, there’s also the concern about skills and work quality. 


  • Guilt – In some instances, entrepreneurs may also feel guilty about delegating too many tasks to others, making them feel less valuable. For many, doing everything is a way of proving their commitment and dedication to the company they’ve built.


  • Lack of Time to Train – There’s also the concern about the need for training, especially when tasks are delegated to new hires or third parties. Thus, business owners feel it’s more efficient to do important tasks themselves than teaching someone else from scratch. 

3 Reasons Why Delegating Is Important 

3 Reasons Why Delegating Is Important 

While wearing multiple hats is a skill, it can only bring you so far – especially if you want to grow your business. 

Let’s explore three important reasons why delegating is important and why you should do it right now: 

1. It Allows You to Focus on Your Core Capabilities.

Every entrepreneur has a reason why they built their business. 

Some do it because they love creating and exploring new technology, while others are truly interested in creating products that can improve our daily lives. 

However, as their businesses grow, so does their to-do list.

Thus, instead of focusing on innovation, many entrepreneurs are forced to allocate time for accounting, marketing, and other administrative tasks that are miles away from their expertise and interests. 

This is why successful entrepreneurs delegate non-core functions such as marketing, accounting, and sales to professionals who are good at what they do. 

Doing so would give you more time to focus on the things that only you can do – so you can eventually grow your company.

2. It Leads to Better Decision-Making. 

Making sound decisions is easier when you’re not burdened by administrative and non-core matters. 

Sometimes, your most important job is to make the right decision: whether to expand or not, what product or service to develop next, and so on. The last thing you need is to deal with basic accounting tasks or admin paperwork that you can delegate to your staff. 

Having extra time (and head space) to think is key to making informed and balanced decisions. I

3. It Builds Trust and Confidence Among Your Team Members. 

The goal of a true leader is to create more leaders. This is especially true when you’re building a company. 

You need strong leaders around you if you want to build an empire. The only way to do that is to delegate tasks, allowing your members to develop their abilities, along with their confidence. 

Additionally, it helps create a culture of accountability within your organisation, leading to better productivity and improved profitability. 

There are many reasons why delegating is important for successful leaders. Fortunately, it’s now easier to do the same. 

Thanks to technology, delegating tasks to professionals is as simple as partnering with the right outsource provider, such as Remote Staff. 

With over 16 years of experience helping AU entrepreneurs build their businesses, Remote Staff can help you delegate tasks to skilled Filipino remote workers in just a few simple steps. 

So, whether you want to delegate or outsource accounting, marketing, and many more, we’ve got you covered.  

Just call us today or request a call back now. 

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Syrine is studying law while working as a content writer. When she’s not writing or studying, she engages in tutoring, events planning, and social media browsing. In 2021, she published her book, Stellar Thoughts.

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Syrine is studying law while working as a content writer. When she’s not writing or studying, she engages in tutoring, events planning, and social media browsing. In 2021, she published her book, Stellar Thoughts.

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