Outsourcing and Remote Staffing: What Could Work Better for your Business?

Outsourcing and Remote Staffing: What Could Work Better for your Business? 1024 436 Remote Staff
Outsourcing and Remote Staffing: What Could Work Better for your Business?

Outsourcing and remote staffing are often interchanged (even if they mean completely different things). And while both are operating in similar platforms, there are still distinct differences between them.


The outsourcing industry rose due to high demand of the market, and was made possible by technological advancements—making it a strong economic driver, globally. It utilizes external resources to outsource projects or tasks, or even entire operations. Here, people that perform clients’ outsourced activities are not their staff, rather, they are employees of their third-party provider. This means that clients usually interact with the Human Resources of their outsourced company, and rarely have direct contact with the people who actually work for them.

Remote Staffing

Meanwhile, in remote staffing, clients interact and manage their staff’s performance directly. It is similar to traditional employment, the only difference is that client’s employees work remotely, and their relationships are managed by third-party partners. On top of placing talented staff in clients’ employ, remote staffing is all about having a partner who can take care of your HR, Admin and Payroll needs. It advocates the concept of people working in the comfort of their homes, all while providing services for their employers virtually. It is also cost-effective and allows companies—especially start-ups, SMEs, or single proprietors—access to a larger recruitment pool outside their geographic area.

Outsourcing and remote staffing each has their own long list of benefits, and while some may overlap with each other, the subtle difference between the two, might just be the trick for a company to consider one over the other.

Remote Staff

Remote Staff, as our name suggests, provides remote staffing services. We provide clients with top tier employees, such as virtual assistants, who can work with them directly, and truly be part of their team – regardless if their staff lives half way across the world.

With us, Filipinos have the chance to work for companies in other parts of the world, without having to leave their country; as well as experience being true employees in a virtual landscape. And while the “virtual factor” might be a bit of a concern for some companies (ie. is my employee really working?), We have the answer for this. Not only do we serve as a middle man between staff and clients, we also have the technology to actually ensure that contracted staff are doing their jobs, and that our clients get value for their money.

Remote Staff provides its clients the liberty to choose the best fit for their needs, and gives Filipino staff a chance to have good employment virtually. With our founder, Chris Jankulovski, back as CEO, you can expect us to continue to strengthen your remote working relationships, as we’ve always done for the past 11 years.