Dec 11

5 Reasons Why Holiday Hiring Works

It is customary for some firms to adopt a hiring freeze during the tail-end of the fiscal year when Holidays are in full swing. However, even during this period, there are those who continue to strategically hire in areas where skills and talent are abundant—especially in roles that ensure the seamless run of one’s business. An example of these key positions are virtual consultants or virtual staff.

And so while a few businesses prefer to slow down their hiring process during the holiday season, some see the wisdom behind holiday hiring. We have listed five reasons why getting an employee on board during this period is a good business idea—and why you might want to consider Remote Staff’s special holiday offer, which runs until December 21, 2018.

  1. Year-End Epiphanies

The end of the year is a time where people think about where they ought to be—where they really want to be. Some experience introspection, questioning their sense of belongingness. The majority of applicants, currently employed or not, are already weighing their options and are driven by the need to find a better workplace or company to work for. Certified professionals would definitely be open to remote work opportunities during this time of the year.

  1. Interview Availability

The holiday season spells long Christmas breaks, as well as a slowdown in the typical workload. This means that candidates will have more room to attend interviews. This also means that employers might also have a larger pool of candidates to choose from.

  1. Hiring is Less Rushed

Another bonus to the holiday hiring season is that the hiring process is not time-critical. Clients can choose from a pool of virtual assistants that we have online, and yet have no pressure of saying “You’re hired!” right away. Applicants aren’t usually at the same time crunch that they may be during other times of the year, and they understand that decisions may be delayed. This gives you a chance to truly consider the great options of not just hiring virtual assistants from the Philippines, but also availing of our remote staffing solutions.

  1. Opportunities to Promote from Within

The reduction in the applicant field would be a great motivator for companies to look at their current pool of employees when filling-in a crucial opening. When you hire a virtual assistant, you would still need someone reliable onboard who already knows and understands your corporate culture and motivations. Holiday hiring gives you the opportunity not only to hire new talent, it also gives you the chance to boost the morale of your existing staff.

  1. Jump-start 2019

Why put your gearshift to neutral this Christmas break? When you hire your remote staff through us, not only will it help cut your operation costs by 70%, you would also be starting your 2019 fiscal year, early. Your flexible virtual staff would be there throughout the holiday season and would be transitioning early, helping accelerate your business on fifth gear by the start of January.

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