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Managing Outsourcing to the Philippines – 2:40 Min. Read

Outsourcing to the Philippines does offer a ton of benefits for the international employer. For one, Filipinos are easy to work with and offer quality professional services. They are also well-versed in the English language making communication easy. But how do you manage outsourcing to the Philippines?

Embrace the concept, downsides and all

Let’s be clear, remote working does have its benefits and outsourcing to the Philippines may be one of the best decisions you make for your company. Yes, there are risks that can be expected with a non-physical type of working arrangement but by working with a reliable outsourcing agency like Remote Staff, you will have an expert in the field mitigating these risks for you.

When you outsource, you can expand your professional talent pool, hire top pros at local wages and of course, increase your company’s productivity over time. Without having to spend on equipment and infrastructure, you can save as much as 60-70% on overheads every month. And with us providing you with staff monitoring, administrative work, payroll, HR and IT services, you’ll surely get more bang for your buck.

Be clear about the job roles you need to outsource

It’s important that you know what your company needs before you even think about outsourcing to the Philippines. Although a company like ours can provide you with some of the best recruitment services available, it will not be an easy feat if we have to guess what roles it is you are trying to fill.

If you need help determining what roles your company needs to outsource, you can always contact our business developer Walter. Call him on +612 8073 4142 (Int’l) or 1300 363 572 (AU Only) and have a chat. After which, he will forward your needs to our recruitment team so that they can devise a customised recruitment plan for you and start cracking.

Set reasonable and measurable goals when outsourcing to the Philippines

When working with an outsourcing company in the Philippines, it is important for you to have a clear idea of the things you want to achieve and convey these goals and strategies with your staffing consultant and remote staff.

You can also improve the potential outcome of the relationship that you create with your remote team by having a reasonable list of expectations early on. This will prevent any costly misunderstandings as well as time wastage on both parts. Know where you are going and how you’ll measure it.

Find potential outsourcing partners in the Philippines

There are different companies that you can work with when you outsource staff. Especially if you are new to remote staffing, we encourage you to work with a company that has had years of experience in the field. For example, we at Remote Staff have been in business for almost a decade and with our experience, we know how it is to ensure that your outsourcing journey runs smoothly.

We have built customised technology to help you monitor staff, we have an expansive network for recruiting and some of the best recruiters in the business, we offer other services from HR to payroll and also have staffing consultants that can assist you and your remote hires. As a trusted entity in both the Philippines and Australia, we are a company that you can rely on.

Take a look at the corporate culture of the outsourcing partners in the Philippines that you are considering

When deciding on who to partner with, it’s important to consider the values and culture of both your own company, and that of the outsourcing agency’s. When aligned, all efforts made towards the achievement of various business goals, will be easier to attain. It will also be smoother on your part to work with a company that understands your needs and works to accommodate them.

At Remote Staff, our priority is to help you succeed and this is why we invest up to $3,000 in recruitment. We succeed when we are able to make remote staffing work smoothly for you and retain you as a long term client. You can read more about our people and culture here.

There are plenty of benefits that you can enjoy when you hire Filipino remote staff with the greatest benefit being the fact that you gain more time to focus on your core business.

By establishing a successful relationship with your outsourcing partner in the Philippines, you can take your business to the next level.

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