Apr 19

Skills Your Front End Developer Must Have – 3:20 Min. Read

Using different elements from HTML to CSS to JavaScript, a front end developer brings designs and technology to life with the primary goal of encouraging user engagement through aesthetic appeal and impeccable functionality.

When it comes to front end development, there are multiple components that are built using a combination of codes and scripts.

Does your business rely on a website? A front end developer is essential as he or she ensures that the look of the site is right and user experience is performing as it should. Such a professional can also create apps and programs.

Aside from making sure that technologies look good, they also have to ensure that it is user-friendly. By using a series of codes and scripts, they develop the kinds of technologies that your customers will love. Got ideas you want put into action? They can help you get them up and running.

There are different skills that a front end developer must have and here are some of them:

  • Languages including but not limited to JavaScript, HTML, CSS and AJAX
  • Frameworks including but not limited to AngularJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Foundation, Semantic UI and various CSS modules
  • Design software like Photoshop
  • Blogging software like WordPress

They must also be able to accommodate other services. When hiring a front end developer, make sure that he or she can provide these services:

  • Site testing and bug fixing
  • SEO consultation
  • Software workflow management and maintenance
  • Collaboration with other developers
  • Responsive design implementation
  • Development of interaction tools for websites
  • Website/App/Program modification and maintenance
  • User-experience management

These are plenty of things to look into when hiring a qualified front end developer. We understand that your busy schedule might not be able to accommodate the recruitment process so we’re here to help.

At Remote Staff, we find you top remote talent from the Philippines across a wide variety of professional roles. If you are interested in hiring a remote front-end developer at a fraction of the cost then contact our business strategist Walter and brief him on your needs. Got questions? Ask away.


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