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How Remote Work Benefits Female Entrepreneurs and Employees Alike

How Remote Work Benefits Female Entrepreneurs and Employees Alike

International Women’s Month may be over, but we’re not anywhere near done celebrating women in remote work.

Last week, we talked about some of the most inspiring female entrepreneurs Down Under. Interestingly, quite a few of them mentioned leveraging the benefits of remote work.

Then again, that’s hardly surprising. Remote work has been a great equaliser in more ways than one, but here’s why it’s particularly beneficial for both female entrepreneurs and employees alike:

1.) The WFH set-up allows SAHM’s (stay-at-home mothers) to earn their own money.

1 The WFH set-up allows SAHM’s (stay-at-home mothers) to earn their own money

SAHM’s are the most underpaid people in the world. They carry out multiple functions (e.g., chef, driver, tutor, nanny, housekeeper, etc.), but often have no money of their own. No matter how generous and/or wealthy one’s partner is, nothing beats having your own money.

Let’s face it. Some degree of financial independence provides a woman with considerable autonomy and confidence.

Remote work enables the very same for SAHM’s. It allows them to work from home and earn money while taking care of their families.

2.) Delegating tasks to professionals helps entrepreneurs streamline.

2 Delegating tasks to professionals helps entrepreneurs streamline

Putting up a successful business can be even more difficult for women. Most simply cannot put in long hours to get their companies off the ground, unlike their male counterparts. Especially not when they are married and have children, as women still bear the brunt of everyday household chores and childcare.

This is where remote working comes in. Just as working women can delegate tasks like cleaning, cooking, and certain aspects of childcare, remote work allows them to do the same for tedious yet crucial tasks. So long as the tasks don’t require significant decision-making, there’s probably a remote worker out there who can do it better than you…and at a reasonable rate.

Best of all, this frees up entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best: driving their business’ growth in the right direction.

3.) Remote working can be done from just about anywhere.


The top VA’s, writers, and graphic designers can command some pretty eye-watering rates. Best of all, they don’t need to migrate to other countries and leave their families in order to do that.

Thanks to technological advances and the internet, more and more jobs can be done remotely. The paradigm shift brought about by the recent pandemic also means that the world isn’t going back to traditional working arrangements anytime soon. This only means that the demand for talented remote workers is bound to be on the upswing.

4.) Communication is (mostly) on equal footing.


While communicating through emails and instant messaging can feel isolating, it’s not without its advantages.

For one thing, written communication minimises a woman’s chances of being interrupted, especially by male colleagues. Emails and instant messages allow everyone to express their ideas in full before being cut off, for the most part.

5.) Lessening instances of workplace harassment and abuse.


This is especially relevant in the wake of the #MeToo movement. Remote work means less face-to-face interactions. While this doesn’t entirely get rid of the potential for harassment and abuse, it does present far less opportunities for it and practically removes the chances of physical incidents from occurring.

Virtual incidents, on the other hand, can be documented fairly easily through screenshots or recordings. This alone can be a strong deterrent against would-be perpetrators.

Women are enjoying an unprecedented amount of autonomy in most parts of the world. Yet, the fight for true equality still isn’t over.

Fortunately, today’s female entrepreneurs and employees don’t have to navigate the relatively new terrain of remote work alone. Remote Staff has had more than ten years of experience recruiting and onboarding top Filipino remote talent and matching them up with various AU entrepreneurs.

We happen to have a lot of strong, capable women among both our diverse talent pool and our valued clients, and we are committed to providing ongoing support to ensure a harmonious working relationship that helps both parties achieve their respective goals.

Give us a call today or click here to schedule a callback.

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