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How an Office Based Setup Helps Remote Employers

Outsourcing to the Philippines, especially with Remote Staff, can be the best solution to what your business needs. But once you’ve decided to begin your Remote staffing journey, you may wonder how would you actually manage the team? Where would you place them? Would you prefer them to work from home, or have them join together in one office? Together, let’s dive into How an Office-based setup helps Remote Employers.

We have prepared you with some important points to consider:

Employees are not isolated

As author John Donne had mentioned in his 1964 work Devotions upon Emergent Occasions, “No man is an island.” Humans unconsciously have the need to socialize. Regardless of how much effort one exerts to shut himself out of society, the need to interact must be met – Remote Workers are not excluded from this.

It’s true that working remotely can provide virtual workers more time for other activities. But it also deprives them of the actual experience of working alongside other employees in an office-based setting. Having people around who are in the same career mindset as theirs, can inspire them to present better ideas on the table and motivate them to give their very best to achieve your business objectives.

Guarantees A Secured Connection

When you are a Remote Employer, there is no need to be physically present in monitoring your Remote team. However, it is imperative for you to stay connected to them in order to make sure all delegated tasks are met efficiently and on time, and a must for your team to make sure they are able to communicate clearly with the use of various communication platforms such as Skype, Zoom, or Slack.

More often than not, not having a stable internet connection or losing it altogether can be a challenge not just to the employees, but also to their employers. It risks miscommunication, puts on hold all the online work that needs to be done, and makes it difficult for the employer to track their activities.

This is why other employers would prefer Remote teams to work in an actual office. At Remote Staff, Outsourcing to the Philippines is not as difficult and intimidating as it seems. The hassles of recruiting a virtual staff yourself and managing the team are alleviated. All technological/IT-related support can be easily provided, and the chances of losing internet connection are very slim, avoiding any setback to the business.

Maintains Discipline

Let’s admit, whether you are an employer or employee, working from home can tempt you to actually not do any work at all. Their homes and what’s inside them are their biggest temptations. Your virtual assistant might be telling you they’re working on the report now, but in reality, they’re working on downloading the next episode of Friends.

Remote Employers then feel the need to place their Remote staff in an office. The environment sets a working mood that drives them not to lax around but actually do the work. If you separate them from any type of distraction, it will guarantee great results delivered on time.

You Have A Place To Meet 

When you do get to meet your Remote team in person, you don’t have to worry about finding a place to congregate. You have the office at your disposal for presentations and meetings. It reduces out-of-office costs and inconveniences to the team.

These are a few points to remember on how placing your Remote Team in an office can help you and your business. Does Outsourcing to the Philippines look like a great idea for you? Partner with Remote Staff today!  

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