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5 Proven Reasons Why You Should Hire Filipino Remote Workers

Looking for the best talent for your business is challenging. You need to balance your budget, plus you need to look for people who have the skills you need.

That’s why, for some operations, foreign businesses outsource online to cater to both aspects. There are many options out there. But where should you get your staff?

Look no further. Here are 5 proven reasons why you should hire Filipino remote workers.


Excellent English Speakers

Excellent English Speakers

If you’re looking for someone who can communicate well, Filipinos are your best bet.

English is the second language in the Philippines, with over 70% English speakers. In fact, it’s used as the medium of instruction for education, government, and business purposes. Most college graduates can speak and write conversational English well.

And Filipinos have an American accent! You don’t have to adjust that much when you collaborate with them online.


Culturally Flexible

Culturally Flexible

If you’re hiring someone with a different race, you need to get accustomed to your cultural differences and find a middle ground to work well. Fortunately, Filipinos are culturally flexible.

We can adapt and cater to different nationalities. That’s why Filipino hospitality is renowned across the world.

Although Filipinos are not confrontational, you just need to be gentle in your instructions for a few weeks. Other than that, Filipinos can match your pacing and can adapt to your work style quickly.


Access to High Caliber Talent

Access to High Caliber Talent

Many top professionals in the Philippines are looking for better opportunities. And I’m not talking about rank and file staff alone. Some even have professional licenses and master’s degrees who are willing to work for relatively better pay.

The traffic is also horrendous that Filipinos would like a better alternative without the grueling 3 hours (minimum) travel time.

That’s why Filipinos tend to go abroad for better options or to work remotely. But with remote working, you don’t need to fly them in your country to benefit. You now have access to high caliber talent for your business.


Relatively Lower Cost

Relatively Lower Cost

Salaries are probably the biggest expense of every enterprise. But without a team, most can’t really run a successful business. If you’re looking for great talent at a relatively lower cost, Filipinos might be your new partners.

Filipinos are highly skilled and motivated. The only problem with foreigners is they low-ball the Filipino people with dirt-cheap salaries. That’s why they get subpar results.

If you just make sure to compensate them with roughly higher than average Filipino rates plus benefits (which are usually way lower than 1st world salaries anyway), you can save money while getting the best people possible.

It might be good also to get your talents through agencies just to be sure that you are getting qualified and trained staff — no more trial and error.


Fun to Work With

Fun to Work With

As the saying goes, “work hard and play harder!” Filipino are fun-loving people. Have you seen all the celebrations, fiestas, and karaoke sessions? Also, most have an insane sense of humor if you are comfortable with a little friendly office banter.

I’m not sure if you love to have fun. But if you do, you will have a crazy time with your Filipino staff!



With these reasons, you will surely increase your productivity long-term without incurring too many costs. And Filipinos would love you for giving them higher rates compared to regular salaries in the Philippines. It’s a win-win for both!

Do you want to check out Filipino applicants? If you haven’t already, you can experience the excellence of Filipino talents today! Cheers to the growth of your business!


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