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Here Are Seven Tools You Can Use To Organise Virtual Seminars More Effectively

The pandemic has transformed the traditional workplace into a virtual one. Rather than reporting to the office, we log in into our Microsoft Teams (or your company’s preferred project management platform).

And instead of attending conferences onsite, we sit in on virtual seminars through Zoom.

The digital future is truly here and great change presents great opportunities. Virtual seminars, for example, have become the norm. For most professionals, attending one is part of getting ahead, whether for work-related purposes or simply for personal development.

While web seminars or webinars usually offer various courses, they can also be a way to promote a company’s products and services.

Coming out with new software? Launch a webinar and demonstrate what it can do.
Trying to position your new service as the next big thing in your industry? Invite experts and do a virtual forum – and make sure your logo is visible throughout the entire event.

Simply put, webinars present a lot of benefits for business. They’re cost-effective (no need to spend money on plane tickets and accommodations for your guests), interactive, and provide you with real-time feedback.

Plus, the results are even better if you use the right software and tools to make everything go as smoothly as possible. Here are just a handful of the ones you can use for your next one:



If you want to stream your webinar simultaneously on multiple channels, Riverside is the perfect solution.

Its high-quality format and easy-to-use webinar recording software are a godsend for anyone who wants to expand their webinar’s audience. With this, your viewers can also share the webinar to their social media pages during -and even after- the event is done.



We create virtual events primarily to connect with our audience. This is exactly what Livestorm does. It connects your viewers and keeps them engaged through interactive chats with polls and questions during the event.

As a bonus, they offer unlimited recording storage!



Organising a webinar is one thing. But inviting people to join? That’s whole nother animal.

Don’t stress when you’ve got Demio! This tool’s email automation feature lets you send out event reminders to the target audience- crossing one task off your list. Whew.



Joining and participating in webinars can be tricky when your participants forget to install certain kinds of software beforehand.

With WebinarJam, this won’t be a problem. Because this platform is compatible with various browsers and operating systems, your audience can join in regardless of which device they’re using. Cool, huh?



Guess what? Organising a webinar doesn’t have to be a headache.

So, if you haven’t got the time (or patience) for the nitty-gritty details, you can always rely on GoToWebinar. This hassle-free webinar platform lets you choose the date for the webinar – and then care of everything else.



Say what? You have 10,000 virtual attendees? No sweat!

BlueJeans is a video conferencing tool that can host up to 50,000 (!) attendees. And as if that’s not impressive enough, it also features a live and interactive forum where the audience can share and discuss ideas. Not bad, eh?



Unless you’ve got a virtual assistant, organising a webinar on your own can be pretty overwhelming.

As its name suggests, EasyWebinar is among the most user-friendly webinar software out there. It provides an all-in-one solution for both automated and live webinars so you won’t have to manage different channels and platforms anymore.


Virtual seminars can be fun and interactive to organise and host, especially if you have the right tools. Done right, they’re also an effective way to connect with your audience and help them remember your brand.

Remote Staff has been assisting SMEs and entrepreneurs like you find, hire, and onboard skilled remote workers from the Philippines for the last 14 years and counting. Whether you’re planning to launch your first-ever webinar or it’s your 15th, our rich talent pool can provide you with people to make it all happen – whether you’ve got the right tools or not.

Call us today or schedule a call back and let’s get started.

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