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Five Steps To Outsourcing Your Telemarketing to the Philippines

Five Steps To Outsourcing Your Telemarketing to the Philippines

Last week, we talked about WHY you should outsource your company’s telemarketing tasks. Now that we’ve established that, let’s talk about the next important thing: HOW to go about it.

But first, why the Philippines? For starters, they already speak English pretty well there, given how it’s a second language predominantly used in education, business, and government. Then there’s the lower cost of living, which means you can save on your labor cost AND still provide your workers with just compensation.

I could go on and on about why outsourcing to the Philippines is great, but I’ll just invite you to read this article for the full picture. In the meantime, let’s dive right into the process of outsourcing your telemarketing team:

1. Write down your requirements.


Think about the number of agents you need, how long you need them to work each day, as well as who will be providing the script and the phone number database. You should also consider your telemarketing campaign’s goals and how you’ll measure success.

Then there’s the types of services you’ll need. Will your telemarketers be supplying information? Do you need them to register your customers? Provide individual customer service, such as taking orders and processing returns? These are all inbound telemarketing services.

In contrast, outbound telemarketing services involve lead generation, appointment-setting, research, and sales prospecting.

2. Shop around for outsourcing agencies or telemarketing freelancers.


If you’re just starting out and want to try outsourcing just one remote telemarketer for now, you can start with hiring a freelancer. You can find one on Facebook groups, online job sites, or freelancing boards.

But if you need an entire team, it’s best to get in touch with an agency. They’re likely to already have a pool of prequalified telemarketers on hand and can help you get through any red tape. With Remote Staff, for instance, we don’t just provide you with telemarketers to choose from. We also take care of things like payroll processing, government-mandated benefits, and NDA’s.

3. Discuss your requirements upon initial contact.


Be as specific as you can. This is where Step 1 comes in. The better you can communicate your telemarketing needs, the better the agency or freelancer can come up with the right service/s to offer you.

Furthermore, if you’re hiring telemarketers via an agency, ask them about how long they’ve been in the industry as well as the size of their workforce. You should also look into what sort of services they provide (see step 1), how they train their telemarketers, and how they can resolve problems.

If you want to be even more thorough, ask them for references. Provided that they’re not under an NDA, you can ask for a client list with numbers. Then, you can call up a few of them and ask if they’ve been satisfied with the agency’s telemarketing services so far.

4. Put the candidates to the test.


If you need outbound telemarketing services, have the candidates call you and try to conduct a survey or schedule a meeting. If it’s inbound telemarketing services you need, arrange to have the candidates take your call and then go through the type of transactions you require.

Throughout the process, introduce problems such as complaints along the way to see how each candidate handles them. Pay special attention to how long they put you on hold, their English language skills (i.e., can you understand them just fine?), and how long it takes them to process your request.

5. Form your telemarketing team and hammer out the details in a contract.


Ensure that matters like costs, start and stop dates, service measurements, and guarantees, and problem-solving processes are all covered. Read the final contract thoroughly to check if everything you both agreed upon is there. You may also consult a lawyer to help you go over things before you sign.

It’s important to have a signed contract in place before you begin using an agency’s or freelancer’s services. This way, you’re covered in case any concerns arise.

Or you could simply do just one step: request a callback right here.

With more than ten years of experience in recruiting Filipino remote workers, Remote Staff has a rich pool of some of the best remote telemarketing talent out there and they’re all ready to get started when you are.

All you have to do is contact us. Today.

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