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Five Reasons Why Virtual Conferences Are Here to Stay

Five Reasons Why Virtual Conferences Are Here to Stay

The best organisational and business leaders learn from other people’s successes and failures. It’s primarily the reason why business executives and world leaders travel overseas to attend conferences and networking events. 

Fruitful collaborations are the result of brilliant minds learning from each other through panel discussions and open forums. And if you’re a business owner, chances are you’ll probably benefit from the testimonials and stories of business moguls at these events. 

However, the pandemic has made it harder for people to gather at such events. 

The pandemic isn’t likely to be over anytime soon. Fortunately, event organisers have found new and innovative ways to hold conferences. Also, it looks like these virtual ones are expected to stay. 

Whether you’re a business leader who want to organise a virtual event or just someone who misses attending conferences in general, here are five reasons why virtual ones are worth considering: 

They’re efficient. 

They’re efficient

Online events allow you to learn from the best speakers around the world even if you’re at home. No need to travel to the other side of the world just to learn business strategies or to meet new people.

Also, you can now pop into a Zoom conference or watch a live seminar via Facebook while working or watching your kids. No more missing events due to conflicting schedules. 

It’s easier to reach your target audience through virtual conferences. 

It’s easier to reach your target audience through virtual conferences

If you’re planning to expand your business in a new territory, you can touch base with your target audience through virtual platforms. You don’t have to hop on a plane or book a venue anymore. 

The virtual format is certainly less formal compared to traditional events. Therefore, it can be easier to connect with other delegates and to leverage digital platforms to subtly promote what your business can offer others. 

It’s cost-effective.

It’s cost-effective

Virtual events require little more than your time. You can network and learn from other business leaders for a small registration fee – and sometimes even for free. There’s no need to fly in speakers from other countries and book their accommodations. Thus, virtual conferences are usually nowhere near as expensive as their traditional counterparts. 

If you’re an event sponsor, you don’t need to rent a huge conference hall or incur such major logistical expenses. You just need to ensure that all attendees can easily access the virtual platform. And that the virtual event proceeds without a hitch. 

Networking is easier.

Networking is made easier

The main goal of a conference, regardless of its format, is to provide invaluable insights and lessons. Thus, virtual events give professionals the chance to attain further knowledge and connections.

Since it’s online, it’s also easier to add new contacts via LinkedIn. Spending time and connecting online with like-minded individuals can help you learn more about industry trends and topics which are beneficial for your professional growth. 

Virtual conferences are more sustainable. 


Physical events aren’t very environmentally friendly in general. They require a lot of coordination, paperwork, and promotional materials. Then there’s the large carbon footprint from air travel and printing promotional banners, invitations, and flyers.

On the other hand, video meeting platforms are more sustainable since they can be used repeatedly – without incurring the same massive costs we just mentioned. 

Virtual spaces made collaboration possible amidst the pandemic. We’re likely to see more and more hybrid models both at work and at events in the future. Thus, just like remote working, virtual conferences are here to stay. 

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