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Five Easter Marketing Ideas For Online Businesses

Five Easter Marketing Ideas For Online Businesses

Holidays are always a great opportunity for small businesses to promote their goods and services. Done well and consistently enough, holiday promotions can also cultivate a loyal following among your customers.

Why do you think social media practically explodes with promotions on, say, Chinese New Year or Valentine’s Day?

And now, Easter’s right around the corner (this Sunday, to be exact). If you’re still scrambling for ideas on how to promote your online business in time for the holiday, you’ve come to the right place. Here are just a handful of things you can carry out within a fairly short time:

1.) Easter-related content.


It doesn’t have to be fancy either. A quick article on ideas for celebrating Easter with little kids, recipe ideas for the holiday, how-to’s for painting Easter eggs are all a good place to start.

So long as your content provides value in time for the season, you’re golden. It also helps to pay attention to the sort of content your audience responds to, and to tailor that to the holiday and your brand identity.

For example, let’s say your online business sells eco-friendly toiletries and your audience likes content on living sustainably. For Easter, you could discuss some environmentally-friendly ways to celebrate the holiday. You can even plug in your products if it’s appropriate. Win-win.

2.) Online Easter egg hunt and other similar contests.


Ah, who doesn’t love a good egg hunt? Fortunately, you don’t need to have a physical store to hold one.

A virtual egg hunt, for instance, can involve hiding Easter eggs throughout your website. Each one can contain a discount code and you can set it up so that they show up at specific times throughout the day. It would certainly drive traffic to your page and lead potential customers to peruse your offerings as well.

Want to do something different? How about an online contest where your audience can try to guess your Easter bunny’s name? You could also crowd source for captions for an Easter-related photo, and give a prize to whoever gives the best one.

Having your customers upload photos of their own hand-painted Easter eggs or homemade Easter baskets is also a great way to drive engagement.

3.) Easter merchandise.

3 Easter merchandise

Some businesses can offer limited-edition Easter merchandise, and you don’t even need to have them custom-made. Easter-themed product bundles will do in a pinch.

Run an online grocery store? You can try bundling chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, and the like into an Easter package. Got a food delivery service? Why not try an Easter-themed menu featuring standbys like lamb or rabbit, as well as egg-based dishes?

4.) A good old-fashioned sale.


If all else fails (or if you’re really strapped for time), just throw an Easter sale. Perhaps you can have an Easter promo code for a 10% discount?

Another alternative would be to include Easter-themed freebies with each purchase. Who wouldn’t want to receive a free chocolate egg or Easter bunny with their order? You could even emphasize that the offer is good while supplies last (e.g., for x number of orders made leading up to the holiday) for some urgency.

Don’t forget to invoke a cheerful spring palette for your promotions too! Pastel yellow, soft pink, and sky blue are always great choices.

5.) Video content.


You could do a live video of your own Easter preparations, or ask your employees to do the same. Or you could hold a live event on the day itself and invite your audience to join in. Raffling off some giveaways for those who attend can sweeten the deal (and boost your engagement).

Best of all, you don’t have to execute all these ideas yourself. You can actually hire a social media manager, content writer, and graphic designer remotely to bring your ideal campaign to life. You don’t even need to hire them full-time. Outsourcing can be done on a per-project basis, and with the right partner agency, you can find the rock stars you need in a jiffy.

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