Sep 13

Defining “Teamwork” in a Remote Team

In this digital age of remote staffing, how can we really define what “teamwork” is? With ten years of experiencing in outsourcing to the Philippines, we came up with the following definitions of “teamwork”.

Teamwork means using technology that is available in fostering productivity.

The advancements in technology brought us versatility. As a company who works with virtual employees, it is vital for you to “walk the talk” and set aside opportunities to utilize new innovations like video calls, voice chats and other software, apps and devices that makes remote staffing easy.  With all these considered, the technological modernization are all but a big part in making your remote staffing journey a success.

Teamwork means making time to meet personally.

Creating consistent communication standards within a company is a struggle. However, if you make time in meeting your remote staff once in a while, this will boost your team’s productivity, allowing everyone to connect and discuss your goals and capability issues.

Teamwork means being clear about availability.

It’s possible for people who work remotely to allow some extra flexibility in their availability. Establishing clear office hours even for those employees who work off-site will help them set their expectations and hit their daily goals.

Working with a remote staff is a struggle. However, if done right and if guided by a partner like Remote Staff who ensures smooth transaction between the client and the employer, remote staffing can steer your business to the path of success.

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