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Celebrate International Women’s Month With These Five Female Empowerment Movies on Netflix

Once upon a time, it was considered improper for a woman to have a little more than a rudimentary education, to own property, or to have a career.

Today, women have made their mark in industries that were once off-limits to them: entrepreneurship, politics, engineering, mathematics, the sciences, and so on. The opportunities available to women are indeed unprecedented.

However, we still have a long way to go before we can achieve true gender equality.

Although the number of women entrepreneurs and professionals have risen in the past years, the majority of businesses are still owned by men. Gender stereotypes and double standards that undermine women are also very much alive and kicking.

A woman’s journey to success will thus never be as straightforward as a man’s. However, many women persist regardless and their life stories make for wonderful and inspiring films.

As we celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day, here are five movies (and series) that commemorate women who’ve made a dent in the glass ceiling that we can binge-watch on Netflix – while honoring women entrepreneurs or female employees:

Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker


This series chronicles the incredible story of C.J. Walker, the first African American woman who became a self-made billionaire. Facing discrimination on two fronts, she built her empire on a hair pomade that addressed the unique concerns of her fellow black women while encountering different obstacles and challenges along the way.

A natural entrepreneur, Madam Walker never let anyone underestimate her capabilities. So, if you’re currently dealing with doubts before putting up that business you have in mind, this show should be up your alley.



We’ve all watched a movie where the prince rescues the fragile princess before everyone lives happily ever after.

Sorry to disappoint you but this story isn’t like that.

It’s much, much better.

Colonia is a thrilling love story about a woman who’s willing to risk it all to rescue the man she loves. Without giving anything away, it’s a take on modern women who don’t confine themselves to traditional dating expectations.

The best part? This movie was based on a true story.

The Keeping Room


Do you enjoy thrilling suspense in your movies? If so, this one’s for you.

This movie tells the story of three women who were left behind during the war and tasked with protecting their house from invaders. Unlike damsel in distress movies where the female protagonist needs saving, this film depicts women courageously standing their ground to defend their loved ones.

Did they succeed? You’ll have to watch it on Netflix and see.



For centuries, society confined women to the hearth and home. But this movie reminds us that this isn’t the case anymore. Women can go wherever they want to, including outer space.

Away is based on the first-ever expedition to Mars. However, the lead Emma Green isn’t just an ordinary character. She’s the protagonist who actually headed the mission.

If this isn’t enough proof that women can do amazing, literally out-of-this-world things, I don’t know what is.



Women often face unrealistic expectations, especially when it comes to balancing their careers and personal lives. It even gets more complicated when there are children to take care of. And this movie shows how difficult it can be.

Roma will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride as it portrays the hardships that come with being a woman. It’s all about a mother who has to be strong and independent in order to keep her children safe and comfortable – something that all working mums can relate to.


Movies often provide a nice escape from reality, sure. On the other hand, they can also inspire us to change our reality for the better.

So, when it comes to building a more inclusive and promising future for women, we can perhaps take a page or two on how to get there from movies about women empowerment.

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