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8 Onboarding Tips To Help New Hires Succeed in the Remote Workplace

The first few weeks at work are arguably the toughest for a new hire. 

Things can easily get intimidating, if not overwhelming. Throw in potential technical difficulties and it can easily result in a struggle to connect with the entire team. 

Hence, employers need an effective virtual onboarding process to ensure that new staffers find their feet without much trouble. 

In line with this, the members of the Young Entrepreneur Council have shared eight onboarding ideas that all remote companies might want to look into. 

Let’s take a look: 

Meeting with the CEO 

Meeting with the CEO

Nothing makes a new employee feel more welcome than meeting with the company’s CEO. Aside from the warm reception, it’s an excellent way to get to know the company through the eyes of its highest executive. 

This simple onboarding meeting is also an employee’s chance to ask probing questions about the business or industry. 

Having An Onboarding Buddy 


HR personnel can only do so much to welcome a new hire. Hence, experts recommend pairing new employees with a peer that they can virtually meet with on a weekly basis.

Thus, it’ll be easier for them to chat and discuss things freely so that their transition into their new jobs is as fast and as comfortable as possible. 

Keep in mind though that this buddy should be a peer. In short, someone that’s on the same level as they are and not a manager. 

Creating An Employee’s Outline

Creating An Employee’s Outline

New hires are always at a loss on what to expect (and what to do) during their first two to four weeks. 

To address this, employers can come up with a detailed document. This file should outline what they should be learning, who they’ll be working with, and how their work contributes to the company’s collective goals. 

Organising Virtual Team Building Activities 


Scheduling team-building activities are a great way to address the social aspect of onboarding. 

While it’s good to disseminate technical information, it’s also crucial to throw in some fun, relaxed activities. Aside from breaking the ice with the new hire, these activities are also a chance for the team to build rapport. 

Utilising An Online Software System 

Utilising An Online Software System

Having an online system for your onboarding admin should be a given, especially if they’re doing things remotely. 

Online software is particularly efficient for capturing important documents as well as conducting reference checks. 

Documenting Standard Procedures 

Documenting Standard Procedures

Aside from the software, it also helps to document standard procedures. 

This provides the basic (and best) practices for getting things done. The documentation can include email structures, collaborative documents, and primary messaging tools. 

While this may seem obvious, you’ll be surprised at how many remote companies fail to do this – and then have to watch a new hire filling in a recently-vacated position stumble. 

Sending Snail Mail Welcome Packages 

Sending Snail Mail Welcome Packages

A welcome package always comes in handy when welcoming new remote employees. 

You can include an employee handbook, company merchandise, and WFH goodies, as well as a personal note. 

Thanks to online delivery services, you can arrange to have these packages sent to each remote worker’s doorstep – regardless of where they are. 

Getting Feedback From Remote Employees 

Getting Feedback From Remote Employees

If there’s anyone who can provide reasonable and realistic feedback, it would be your existing staff. 

With their suggestions, you will have a better insight into how you can improve your onboarding process


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