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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Meeting Your Remote Team

With the help of technology, communicating without seeing face-to-face is just a walk in the park. Nowadays, we’ve become tremendously dependent on online communication because it’s easier and faster. As Evelyn from The Incredibles 2 said, “People will trade quality for ease.” which is definitely accurate. To this day, corporations continue to think of numerous ways on how to improve online communication. Although it is beneficial and efficient, we can never deny the importance of face-to-face communication in our everyday lives.

In remote staffing, employees are connected to technology more than usual. They get the job done easily, they feel more productive, they’re less stressed, and it saves, not only the business’ money but of the employees’ as well. But we’re not going to sit here and pretend as if remote staffing’s disadvantages do not exist. We also need to acknowledge that all online communication and no actual face-to-face meetings are impractical. You, along with your employees, should be able to meet every once in a while to boost your team’s morale.

To get a chance to meet the people who work hard for your

Much like in a romantic relationship, you can’t expect your relationship to grow if you spend most of your time in front of a screen. This scenario also applies to the workplace. If you don’t meet and check on your people too often, this will leave an impression on them that you simply do not care about them. Your relationship with your team should be one of your biggest priorities. Again, just like in relationships, they might think that you only call them when you need them. Meeting up with your remote employees will guarantee your team’s growth. Surely, they want to meet the people they’re working with and working for.

To meet the newly hired ones

The newly hired ones wouldn’t want to feel like they’re an outcast. Make them feel that they belong and don’t let them be alone in one corner! Encourage your other employees to mingle with others to make them feel comfortable and have positive experiences in their line of work. They’ll be able to contribute to discussions and learn more about the company if they’re not being too shy. Help them break out of their shell and create memories with the new people that they’ll meet.

To know what kind of people work for you

You wouldn’t trust important tasks to people that you don’t know, would you? You can’t always rely on the information that they give you about themselves. It’s best to get to know them personally, rather than frequently exchanging emojis. Talk to them about their personal lives and share some of yours as well. You’ll be able to understand your employees more and be motivated to work hard with them.

To easily communicate ideas

There are things that are hard to communicate through online messages and virtual meetings alone. Video call sessions can lead to miscommunication, not everyone’s internet connection is stable. Even if it were stable, there’s nothing more effective than attending a meeting in person. Besides, brainstorming with your employees in person helps make everyone in your team focus on generating ideas. They would be obligated to add their input and help others build a concrete idea, without the fear of having a limited connection.

To build relationships outside of work

Learn more about your employees and bond with them. It’s not always about work. It won’t hurt to take a breather and make friends. Let them enjoy the company of their co-workers by organizing gatherings where they’re away from presentations and mundane hours of looking at the screen. It would be a waste if you let their talents and abilities burnt out by making them work 24/7, without giving them a time to recharge their batteries.

Meeting your remote team in person might be costly, but maintaining your relationship with your employees is essential in developing your team’s morale.

So, what are you waiting for? Invest in meeting with your remote team now!

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