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3 Conversation Starters for Remote Teams

Remote staffing is an era you should not miss out on. Numerous companies in Australia have switched to this new type of working environment and have given their whole trust to companies that outsource to the Philippines, such as Remote Staff Inc. Although outsourcing is easily said as simple, we do receive feedback from clients about the struggles of having a fully remote team.

One of the challenges in managing a remote team is making sure that your remote staff is fully aware of the people they’re working with and that they maintain great ties with one another. This should be one of your top priorities because, whether you like it or not, this will surely affect their performance at work.

Building harmonious relationships in the workplace is achievable through strong and consistent communication, where most remote teams seem to struggle. Just like many managers who decide to go remote, there might be chances where you’ll get worried about the risk of losing visibility and control. But it’s normal to feel that way! As a company that provides you with only the best, we’ll give you tips on how to prevent this.

How do you help each member of your remote team to establish a good rapport with one another? For you to know the ins and outs on how to bring together talents you have from outsourcing to the Philippines, we have hooked you up with Three Conversation Starters for Remote Teams!

“How’s everyone doing?”

Showing simple acts of kindness will greatly affect one’s overall mood. It won’t hurt to ask how they are doing and to show a little care for your remote staff.  Doing this can eventually lead to open communication about one’s concerns and may also lead to fruitful conversations. You’ll never know who’s having a tough time or worst, struggling. So it’s best to check on how the others are holding up. Having them interact and have new people to talk to may help ease up their minds.

Studies show that engaging in small conversations here and there improve one’s cognitive abilities. Asking questions such as “How is everyone doing?” automatically invites others into the conversation. Without this taking place, their conversations might only be limited to work-focused subjects. Sure, it qualifies as “small talk”, but not the kind that will make them interested in knowing each other and build mutual support.

“I want to know your opinion on this.”

Make it a value for your business that helping one another is important.  Teaching your business values such as helping each other can possibly help boost the morale of an individual. This is one way to make them feel that their comments and opinions are relevant in the workplace. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. It won’t only be useful for when you just want your remote staff to interact with one another, but it will also be beneficial for them to be able to get more ideas and learn from each other’s perspective. This can also help build trust within the team and have everyone get accustomed to a supportive environment.

Enabling them to exchange different ideas can create a wholesome experience for your remote staff. Gaining trust and building great camaraderie with others simply puts the cherry on top!

“What can we help you with?”

They’ll probably think that you’re heaven-sent for asking this question. Someone in your remote team is probably having a hard time doing some of their tasks, but are too shy to ask for help. Again, showing simple acts of kindness can increase your remote staff’s performance, encouraging each one to work as a team and help lift each other up. Make it a habit to ensure the growth of your remote staff in an environment of fruitful contributions. They’re a team after all;  that’s what they should do best!

If you’re worried about not getting your message across to your remote staff because of language barriers, don’t worry! Here in Remote Staff, we make sure that the candidates we get from outsourcing to the Philippines are well-spoken and can easily communicate using the English language. So, it shouldn’t be an impossible task trying to interact with them.

Be the boss who is an effective and sensitive leader to know just what their remote staff needs. Still, having second thoughts? We make outsourcing to the Philippines simple and effective! Visit our website to be the expert you strive to be! 

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