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Why Remote Work Can Be Especially Important in the Colder Months

Remote work has made it easy for people to earn a living without having to leave the comfort of their own homes. More so, the small perks of working at home sometimes give the biggest motivation for employees to become productive. An example of which, is not having to brave the long traffic jams every day and working in one’s sleeping clothes. In the Philippines, a lot of office-working employees wait for the month of December to end before resigning, so that they can get their 13th-month pay in full. Also, resignations are often caused by difficulty in traveling, a manager who micromanages, often looking over their shoulders as the staff work. Generally, a stressful office environment leading to unproductive, uninspired, and inefficient workers.

Now that the Christmas season has officially started in the country, outsourcing to the Philippines is a great venture for you to start if you’re eyeing on expanding and improving your business. Here at Remote Staff, we are huge believers that remote work serves a large benefit to employees during the cold season.

Below are five reasons why remote work can be especially important in the Christmas Season:

Your employees don’t have to endure long holiday traffic jams.

However, in the Philippines, no matter what the weather is, transportation is always a huge hassle. It doesn’t even matter if you’re taking a public bus or riding your own car, there will always be traffic jams. And as soon as the Christmas season kicks in, your employees will face even bigger headaches because of the number of holiday sales causing thrice the traffic jam in central business district areas.

This is one of the biggest benefits that employees enjoy when working from home. Where the only commute they need to take is a few steps from their bed to their home office, steering them away from any potential traffic stress and making them more productive and motivated.

Your employees can conquer the cough and cold seasons.

Honestly, we believe that the office environment has their own way of turning into Petri dishes breeding bacteria. No amount of sanitizer and alcohol can help your employee combat the germs of their sickly co-workers which would definitely circulate in dry office air. Gross, right?

Outsourcing to the Philippines will help you look into a lower absence rate due to diseases relevant to the cold season. Research proves that people who work from home have higher chances of staying healthy through the brutally cold season, making them more productive, and lessening their absences. There is no better way to avoid viral flu than by working from home.

Your employee can enjoy some flexibility during this stressful time.

Studies show that the Christmas season, while as happy as it can be, is also a season for depression and extreme stress due to the cold weather. The hustle and bustle of the holidays go straight as seemingly never-ending weeks of cold and stress. Increased flexibility may not be the only cure to these things but it can definitely help an employee address those low feelings when they work remotely. A little playtime with their dogs during office hours can go a long way. Giving your employees more control of their schedule raises their spirits back up again.

Your employees will appreciate the extra time they spend with their loved ones during the holiday season.

The cold season means holidays for Filipino families. There isn’t anything more important to those employees you find when you do outsourcing to the Philippines other than spending time with their loved ones during the holiday season. In this case, not only do you help your employees create a work-life balance, but you also motivate them to be more productive and driven, using their family-centeredness as an inspiration to do great works.

Here at Remote Staff, we believe that the many benefits of remote working deserve to be touted all throughout the year. However, as those reasons above are clear, the many pros of working remotely are more apparent during the longer, colder seasons.

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