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You Need to Hire a C++ Developer If You Need Help In Any of These Areas

You Need to Hire a C++ Developer If You Need Help In Any of These Areas

So far, we’ve talked about hiring graphic designers, computer-aided designers, and WordPress developers. Today, we’ll cover yet another technical job that can be done remotely: that of C++ developers.

Now, C++ is one of the most popular programming languages out there. It’s also very challenging to learn. Due to its complex functionalities, it has a rather steep learning curve and developers often have to spend a lot of time mastering it. Thus, despite the demand for C++ programmers, most Western countries have a shortage of such.

Enter outsourcing. When you choose to hire a C++ developer remotely, you not only cut down on costs (while still paying someone a decent wage abroad, mind you). You also get access to a much wider talent pool than you otherwise would if you hired in-house programmers.

But first, let’s discuss what C++ is, along with some of its most common uses.

C++: A Brief Background

C++- A Brief Background

Launched in 1985, C++ is a general purpose and object-oriented programming language. Its security, features, and compatibility with several platforms and software makes it one of the safest programming languages out there. C++ developers often use it to create various native, desktop, and mobile applications on various platforms.

Back in 2018, C++ ranked 2nd on IEEE Spectrum’s Top Programming Languages list. Its flexible free-form nature has resulted in some of the tech industry’s biggest names using C++ as their main technology. Evernote, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Mozilla, Opera, Oracle, and PayPal are just a few examples.

Why Do You Need It?

C++ is particularly well suited for speed and productivity. Thanks to features like the pointer and it being the primary language on Unix systems, its developers have plenty of leeway to write code.

This programming language is also very versatile. It can interface with just about any other programming language out there. Furthermore, most systems can run and compile code in C++.

Its combination of high-level and low-level features gives developers complete control over their code. Multiple inheritance, templates, operator overloading, preprocessor commands are just a few such features.

To be more specific, here are just a few of C++’s most popular real-world applications:

1. Application Development.

1 Application Development

What do Adobe Illustrator, Image Ready, Photoshop and Premiere have in common? They’re all written in C++. Medical and engineering applications, along with computer-aided design systems, also make use of this programming language.

MRI machines and CAD/CAM systems, on the other hand, use C++ for scripting.

2. Game Development.

2 Game Development

C++’s speed makes it especially suitable for developing game engines. Its versatility is also a great advantage when writing 3D game codes, optimising resource management, and facilitating networking among multiplayers.

Interestingly, Doom 3 was written using C++.

3. Web Browser Development.

3 Web Browser Development

Thanks to its speed and reliability, developers prefer to use C++ when creating web browsers. Just ask Google Chrome and Firefox.

Google Chrome’s backend, for instance, partially makes use of C++ script. Meanwhile, some of Firefox’s rendering engines for open-source projects are written in the same.

If you’re looking to hire a C++ developer remotely, you’re in luck. We here at Remote Staff frequently provide clients with remote Filipino talent, and we regularly recruit some of the best C++ developers out there.

We even take care of such tedious matters like payroll management and government-mandated benefits so that you won’t have to. All you need to do is get in touch and let us know what you need.

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