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Work Ethics in Remote Staffing

Working from home does not mean you have no more work ethics to abide by. You may not be physically interacting with your workmates, but, you are expected to coordinate on a timely basis in a proper manner.

This is a common misconception of those who want to start working from home. Some would think this means escaping the politics of the work arena and not having to be sensitive when dealing with virtual workmates.

Typically, modern technology has given us the liberty to work anywhere we want, having minor adjustments in time zones, but this is relatively tolerable. Outsourcing your remote staff does not mean there are no rules or ethics to be implied.

We have here the top five traits of Filipino Remote Workers you would definitely want your team to have, taking off the “training” part during the first few months. Or at least cut down the training period.

Filipinos, in general, are POLITE

Filipinos have been molded with a very respectful culture. Respect not only towards elders but even towards friends, family, colleagues, superiors, or even clients. Filipinos tend to always consider how the other person would feel and is very careful in choosing the right words to say when delivering a thought.


When you outsource to the Philippines, more often than not, you will definitely notice the composure among your Filipino remote workers. Why? Because Filipinos tend to contain their emotions even when pressure and arises. Where most would get a bit of fresh air, straighten out their thoughts then compose the proper response.


Another popular trait of Filipinos is the eagerness towards and enjoyment of work. Even when pressure is present, pushed by deadlines, cornered with toxicity with the amount of workload, Filipinos would always face these challenges with a smile. Brushing it off their shoulders and doing their best to deliver on time.


Motivated not only by the paycheck but what drives this offshore staff is Family. Having been able to work from home, means having more time to be with the family while earning a living is what drives Filipinos. And aside from this culture, Filipinos are also known to be proactive with work. Trying to provide the best quality to get a job done.


When you outsource to the Philippines, you would often hear a Filipino say “Oh yes, I know that.” or “I can definitely do that.” Why? Because they would often know a little bit of everything. And with the help of the world wide web, what is it that you won’t know? I mean having video tutorials on YouTube, self-acquired skills, and learning, plus the easy-to-learn factor of every Filipino, definitely makes your Filipino remote staff an asset to your business.

So you see, Filipinos are considered assets to businesses because they are. The values and traits molded by their culture is a huge contribution to their personality and perception towards work. I mean what else would you look for? Less cost on the paycheck, excellent values, and an unwavering commitment towards work.

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