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Why Small Businesses Continue To Struggle Recruiting Top Talents

According to recent research from CNBC and Survey Monkey, small business owners say they’re having trouble filling roles, with 45 percent citing the skills gap as the main culprit. More than a quarter (28 percent) blame large corporations who are able to offer better pay and benefits. Nearly all are plagued by long time-to-fill rates.

For a new business, usually an inherently risky venture, it can be a challenge to find good candidates. As a business owner, you must find a way to persuade a successful individual with a secure job to come work for you. Hiring managers at small companies without big human resources departments often struggle with getting their message across to the talent they want to attract.

Entrepreneurs have to make a compelling business case for why a candidate should come to work there. If you’re hiring an executive, that person is usually going to want equity in exchange for the risk. For a middle manager, you have to convey that your company has staying power. For entry-level workers, you should show that there are opportunities for growth.

Meanwhile, big businesses attract job candidates by offering a bevy of benefits, brand name recognition, and maybe even a Starbucks at the reception area. Big businesses, even when downsizing, usually have more job openings. How can your small business hope to compete for top talent?

Running a small business requires leading a motivated group of people to be as productive as possible so you can drive growth and manage and reduce costs. But finding and keeping quality talent is tough.

To find and keep the best people, small business owners need to continuously explore recruitment options. The savvy small business owner should consider outsourcing nonrevenue producing tasks like recruitment to help drive their workforce initiatives and help them to keep a competitive edge.

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