Oct 12

Taking a Break? Here Are 5 Tips to Maximise Your Vacations

Entrepreneurs are notorious for working 24/7, especially when starting out. But work doesn’t exactly let up -even when you’ve already expanded your business. 

In fact, you’re bound to spend more hours at work. And if you ever go on vacation, chances are you’d still be glued to your phone the whole time. 

However, rest is just as important as work. 

In fact, data shows that the majority of employees and employers say that taking vacations makes them more productive once they’re back at work. 

Hence, if you’re planning to take a quick break anytime soon, here are 5 tips to help you make the most out of your rare time off: 

Plan Your Vacations Early 


Schedule your planned vacations as early as January. No kidding. 

This way, you can easily plan for the best times to leave the office. For instance, if your busy season starts from September to December, schedule your vacation in June or July. 

In this scenario, you’ll be fully present during peak season while setting aside time to rest during the slow season.

At the end of the day, there’s always work to do. You just have to choose the days where your team can get them done without your supervision. 

Conduct Pre- and Post-Vacation Meetings 


It’s normal to feel anxious whenever you’re about to go on break. 

What if something urgent comes up? Can your staff manage to resolve conflicts on their own? Is it really necessary to leave at this time? 


To ease up your worries, organise a team meeting a week or two before you go on leave. 

Get updates about the current projects that your teams are working on. Moreover, provide feedback and guidance so they’ll know how to keep moving forward in spite of your absence. 

Once you’re back, schedule a catch-up meeting. 

Ask for updates and progress reports and more importantly, discuss if there were challenges and how your teams resolved them. 

Don’t Include Your Phone Number in Your OOO Email


Stop adding your personal phone number to your out-of-office (OOO) emails. 

For one, you’re supposed to be on a break to relax and take your mind off work. 

Hence, it’s all for naught if everyone can still reach you for “urgent” work matters. After all, everyone’s definition of an emergency is different. 

Another good thing about being unavailable during vacations is it gives your team leaders and members a chance to exercise their autonomy. 

Once you’re not in the picture to resolve everything for them, you’re indirectly teaching your teams to step up and get creative to solve problems. Win-win, right? 

Log Off Social Media 


While it’s tempting to update your Facebook and Instagram followers about your adventures, social media can be quite a distraction on its own. 

Instead of being in the moment, you’ll end up perpetually scrolling and browsing. 

To avoid this vicious cycle, it’s best to stay off your devices as much as possible while travelling. Aside from blocking your work emails, a device-free vacation also helps you really unplug and live your experiences. 

Have a Vacation Accountability Buddy 


Everyone needs a mentor for professional and personal development. 

Conversely, we also need a vacation accountability buddy to remind us to slow down and take a break once in a while. 

Your vacation buddy is someone who will help you remember that taking time away from the office isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 

In fact, it turns you into a better – and well-rested – leader. 


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