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Six Questions to Ask Your Possible Recruitment Partner

Choosing the right recruitment function is an integral part of owning a business. Working with the right recruitment partner has many benefits and opens up a variety of potential candidates that offer nothing but the best for a thriving business!

There are tons of recruitment firms around, but how will you make sure that you’re working with the right one?

Here are 6 Questions to ask your possible recruitment partner:

Do you know what kind of candidates we are specifically searching for?

One way to test their compatibility to work with is that if they take the time to learn about your company and analyse what kind of applicants are fit to work for you. They should be able to understand your company and its environment, and as you also should with them. You should be able to do your part for them. Explain to them how the industry works and give them all the relevant information that they need. But, if they’re not interested in finding out about this information at all and just give out whatever candidates they find? That’s some serious business. You should be able to catch if they’re willing to give you their best efforts in seeking what you need. Otherwise, they might not be for you.

What is your process in finding applicants?

They should have an appealing and feasible process and they should be able to consistently follow through with it. To note if they’re knowledgeable about their process is if they are able to comprehensively walk and talk you through it, as well as asking for your input for any improvisations to let you help them decide how things will go. They should also be able to convince you and make you trust the process.

What are your plans for executing the process?

If they are able to present you an elaborate and well thought out explanation of the process, they should be able to know its purpose and execute it with ease. Good planning is crucial to make sure everything is in tip-top shape. You can’t go out on a battle without a sword. You, along with your recruitment partner, must always be prepared for future situations that might hinder the execution of the process. There should be preparations from, not only their part, but it is expected from you as well. There’s no such thing as winging it out!

Do you have other projects that you are currently focusing on?

Your recruitment partner will also be busy. They might not be able to consistently help you out through the recruitment process. It is important to know the status of their workload because, fun fact, waiting is not always good. You can wait a lifetime for somebody but does not apply to everything. That’s a completely different story. If your recruitment partner is busy with projects that they did way before yours, it is a possibility that the recruitment process will be pushed through and not follow the desired time limit.

How will we make sure that communication between us will be strong and consistent?

Communication is important between you and your recruitment partner. It is something that you should maintain and prioritize with them. Miscommunication is hard to undo, what’s worse is, there’s no undo button at all! The entire process will suffer if there’s any miscommunication between you and your partner. It is important for you to share information with them and give your thoughts and opinions. I assure you, it doesn’t hurt to let them know about your concerns.

How long will the recruitment process take?

It’s never a good idea to have this search take ages. You and your recruitment partner’s goal should be having all the positions filled quickly, but let’s be honest, that seems like pie in the sky. Even though the desired speed was not achieved, never forget to acknowledge their efforts in searching for the best candidates for you. The search won’t be easy and it will definitely won’t be as quick as the speed of light, but you have to take into consideration all of the things and the procedures everything needs to go through.

And there you have it!

There might be more questions along the way as the recruitment process goes on, but for now, here are six questions to ask your possible recruitment partner.

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