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Want to Keep Your High Performers? Here are 7 Management Tips You Can Apply 

Managing a team is challenging. You need to find the right talent, immerse him/her in your work culture, and then effectively utilise their skills for the company.

Companies are built one completed task at a time. And hopefully, you get to employ high performers for it.

But how do you find high performers in your team? And when you do, how do you manage them to their full potential?

Handling high performers can require extra effort but it’s always worth it. If you want to attract and retain them, here are 7 ways to do it.


Stop Micromanaging and Give Them Autonomy

Stop Micromanaging and Give Them Autonomy 

High performers don’t need too much supervision to deliver results. They are self-starters that just get the job done.

You might be compelled to oversee their every single move. But know that it’s counterproductive when you micromanage.

You’re becoming a distraction. Worst case, they might even be forced to productivity theatre just to appease your micromanaging.

Let them have the autonomy to carry out their tasks as they see fit. After all, the results speak for themselves.


Lead Like a Coach

Lead Like a Coach

How do you lead your high performers? — like a coach.

Coaches see the bigger picture and provide strategies for winning the game. But they don’t play on behalf of their members.

In the same way, focus on things only you can do. Give them constructive feedback to improve their performance. And then, brainstorm strategies to achieve your company’s goals.

Check out these 7 ways to lead like a coach for more ideas.


Give Them Support When They Need It

Give Them Support When They Need It

High performers are independent and resourceful. They can find solutions to most problems in your business.

But sometimes, they need help too. Some high performers are afraid to ask for help. They just do things. (Well, because they can).

But when you support them, they can perform even better.

So how would you know what support they need? That’s where your coaching sessions come in.

Always ask, “how can I better support you in your tasks?”

It can be through a helping hand, a new automation software, or granting their leave requests. Or sometimes, all they need is moral support.



Offer Workplace Flexibility

You don’t want your high performers leaving, right? How can you make them happy while working for you?

One way is by offering workplace flexibility.

People crave a good work-life balance. High performers often go out of their way to meet the company’s goals. But once they burn out, they leave.

So, enabling better workplace flexibility like work-from-home setups can help. You can also provide some fun activities like get-togethers and celebrations from time to time.

Make your high performers happy inside and outside work.

With this, you secure their loyalty and increase your chances of retaining them.


Give Them a Reasonable Workload

Give Them a Reasonable Workload

High performers are capable of demanding workloads. But that’s not an invitation to exhaust their bandwidth.

They are the go-to people when a crisis happens. They pick up your non-performing employee’s slack. Sometimes, they are too preoccupied with fixing other people’s problems, they don’t have the time to finish their tasks.

Imagine the stress and pressure. If you were in their shoes, wouldn’t you get burned out?

Again, you want them to be at their peak performance. But when you push them too far, they might just leave.

So, make sure you have a fair distribution of the workload across your team.


Recognise and Reward Them

Recognise and Reward Them

Without your employee’s efforts, it would be difficult (if not impossible) to reach your business goals. Recognise and reward them for a job well done. It can be through a celebration or a simple token of appreciation. It can even go as far as a promotion or a salary raise.

Most people want recognition for their efforts. It’s significant because everyone is now aware of their contributions to the company. In return, they are motivated to do better.



Provide Opportunities for Growth

Your high performers will excel anywhere they choose to go. They can easily hit salary goals, team goals, and quotas. But there’s one more thing that they’re craving.


Most high performers want to grow in their careers. They want to be challenged so they can hone their skills further.

If you can, provide avenues for growth like seminars, free courses, and the like. You can also assign them to more challenging roles if you feel they’re ready. A well-earned promotion can be fitting as well.

If they can grow in your company, they will probably stay for the long run.



You’re lucky if you attract a high performer to your team. And if you manage them well, you can expect great returns for your business.

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