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Maximise the Benefits of Remote Working with these 7 Management Tips 

Are you new to a remote work setup? The dynamics are quite different compared to the office. But it certainly has advantages. You just need to know how to manage your remote workers. 

Here are 7 tips that you can apply for a thriving remote working team.


Focus on the Output

Focus on the Output

Are your remote workers really working at home? That’s the major concern for most business owners. 

It’s harder to monitor them than in the office. That’s why some resort to micromanaging. And as we all know, it’s not effective. 

So what does work? Instead of focusing on what they’re doing exactly, focus on their output instead. 

You hired your employees for the results they can give you. If they can deliver great output, does it matter if they worked while Spotify is on? Or if they were idle for 10 minutes? 

You have to let go of the how and focus on the what.



Set Clear Expectations

We all have expectations of our employees. Friction happens when they don’t meet your standards. But are these expectations communicated clearly?

For example, if you outsource data entry personnel, how much should they encode in a day? For writers, how many articles should they write in a week?

Trust is earned, not given. Your employees can earn yours if they consistently carry out their tasks and meet or even exceed your expectations. Provided that these are communicated and agreed upon prior. 


Cultivate a Great Company Culture

Cultivate a Great Company Culture

Company culture is crucial even for remote teams. It sets expectations on how your employees should behave in the workplace, even in a digital one. 

Think about it as a sort of standard for everyone. When new employees come in, what do they see in your present team?

Do they see happy and productive employees? Or do they see a toxic culture? Most likely, they will follow suit with what everyone’s doing — whether it’s good or bad. 

So cultivate a strong work culture. And watch your team achieve their full potential, with or without your supervision.


Allow Flexibility

Allow Flexibility

A lot can go wrong when you work from home. And many of them are often outside of our control.

A typhoon hits. There’s a medical emergency in the house. Heck, the internet might just be faulty today.

But you should make allowances for when this happens. 

A simple offset in schedule can go a long way. You can also allow them time off while they figure out how to get back to work (Or find another internet source).

Your flexibility will reduce your employee’s stress and in turn lead to higher productivity and employee satisfaction.



Upgrade Your Team’s Tools and Skills

Remote work is made possible because of the advancements in tech. But tech changes fast. You should take advantage of new technology that might be especially useful for your team.

Another idea is upgrading their workspace. A well-equipped workspace inspires more productivity.  You can check these ideal workspace tips for more information.

Moreover, upgrades are not only for technology. Their skills also matter. So try providing training and opportunities for them to grow as well.


Interact with Your Team Members

Interact with Your Team Members

Remote working can be lonely. Even for the most introverted staff, human interaction is crucial in the workplace. Yes, that includes a virtual workplace. 

So try setting a meet-up in person. It can be for work or for out-of-office activities. With this, you can boost their morale and employee satisfaction.  

If it’s not possible, you can have Zoom meetings. Depending on the season, you can hold simple get-togethers like Halloween Parties, Friday Game Nights, and more.


Honour their Boundaries

Honour their Boundaries

Working from home blurred the lines between work and life. Most first-time managers think their employees are always available. 

Meeting at 7:30 PM. Team call on a weekend. After all, they’re just in their homes, right? Wrong.

Don’t do this. It can lead to burnout for your employees. Honour their boundaries and work-life balance. 

Follow your working hours. Because if they are happy outside work, it can positively affect their work performance as well.



Managing a remote working team is challenging. But with the management tips above, you can build a strong team to get your goals faster.

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