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How You Could Be a Social Hero with Remote Working

Advancements in the 21st century gave us a lot of new benefits — from technological developments, progress in education, evolution in pop culture, and even the advent of social media. However, along with these advancements also came a number of social issues such as pollution and climate change. Other pervasive problems were also put into the spotlight such as unaddressed health problems which include mental health, and workplace inequality.

Thankfully there is something that you could do about it. CEOs, entrepreneurs, businessmen, and leaders are now doing their part in helping mitigate some of these social issues.

A 2016 study published in the Strategic Management Journal found that “business leaders are increasingly engaging in “CEO activism” by taking public stands on social and environmental issues that are not directly related to their company’s core business”. Meanwhile, a recent Harvard study also found that majority of employees believe that their CEOs must take an active role in making societal change.

As a business owner, you may also contribute to these changes. How, you might ask? Remote staffing.

A viable alternative for the traditional work setup, remote work is also a powerful platform that you can use to help make a difference. Here are three ways:

  • Create an Environmental Impact by Reducing Pollution

Everything that we do adds to our carbon footprint; some more than others, such as everyday commute. According to a report by the European Environment Agency, an average of 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) are emitted by vehicles worldwide, every year. Seventy-two percent of said emission is caused by road transportation alone.

By hiring a virtual staff for your business needs, you are enabling your workforce to help reduce pollution, as well as cut their carbon footprint. In addition to creating an environmental impact, you are also saving your remote staff from the endless struggles of daily traffic.

  • Promote Health and Wellness

Daily stress often contributes to health issues, and sometimes with our busy schedules, we tend to take our health for granted. By working from home, we can free up more time to check on our well being, including our mental health.

Studies show that mental issues affect one in four people worldwide. A report by the

The World Health Organization predicts that depression will soon be the most common illness to cripple the world’s population. The same report states that depression could lead to even more serious illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer.

However, a 2019 State of Remote Work report by Buffer found that some remote workers cannot seem to reap these benefits because some “cannot seem to unplug themselves from work.” Sad, right?

But with Remote Staff, unplugging from work is not a problem. We have a structured and fixed schedule for our home-based staff that empowers them to live however they want right after they click “finish work”.

By embracing virtual staffing, you are helping save your people from silent illnesses such as mental disorders. This would not only mean a healthier and happier staff, but also a proactive one ready to help you with your company’s success. (Read more about addressing poor mental health in the workplace here.)

  • Provide More Equal Opportunities

While there have been significant movements globally in terms of embracing inclusion and diversity in the workplace, the fight for workplace equality still remains.

According to a study conducted by Public Service Executive Union, 67% of LGBTQ+ community have suffered unfair treatment because of their sexual orientation. Meanwhile, there are millions of workers around the world who experience discrimination due to their race, skin color, health adversity, and nationality. There is also an estimated 43% of women who quit their jobs when they have children. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

With remote working, you can level the playing field by opening more equal opportunities for talented individuals, regardless of their religious beliefs, age, social status, gender identities, the color of their skin, and or their physical limitations. Here at Remote Staff, we embrace inclusion and diversity. We opt for what matters most in an employee: their minds, attitude, and their potential contribution to our client’s bottom-line. This means we find the right people for your business, based on their talents, and work historynot what they believe in, what they look like, who they love, or where they’re from.

Sometimes you don’t have to break the bank to help save the world, sometimes you can just choose cost-effective solutions such as remote staffing. Interested? Call us. Be the hero for a Filipino remote staff, and be a catalyst for change.

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