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How To Start A Successful Remote Staff Journey

The perks you get from outsourcing to the Philippines are obvious. You slash off your staffing cost by up to 70% and get improved employee satisfaction and retention. Nonetheless, you remove any graphical restrictions that may hinder you from hiring the best talent.

However, building a remote company has its own specific set of challenges which you will need to overcome. In doing so, you will need help from a reliable staffing partner with extensive experience in outsourcing to the Philippines. Equipped with more than a decade of solid involvement in recruiting remote workers, we have devised this list of tips that will help you build your own successful remote company.

Find a staffing partner that values accountability.

Here in Remote Staff, we want our clients to focus on core business activities. With the ability to delegate high-value tasks to their remote team, we have invested heavily on our Compliance Department who actively monitors your staff through our custom-built technology platform. Our 100% transparency establishes a foundation of trust allowing you to build momentum within your team.

  • We monitor all remote professionals daily
  • 10+ million hours of productivity tracked since 2008

Unique to Remote Staff, we monitor:

  • Idle screenshots
  • Non-work-related activity
  • Staff verification
  • Night shift working states attendance + punctuality

Did you know? Clients are now happy and satisfied with outsourcing to the Philippines through quality hires, robust processes, and our compliance team combined. As a result, less than 1% of our clients have been suspicious of the working relationship that we helped establish.

Find all the staffing roles you need through one offshoring partner.

After placing a staff, we provide a full range of ongoing support services including HR, Legal, IT, Compliance, Payroll, and an Account Manager. With the support of your dedicated Account Manager for all your HR needs and works, we also promise to bridge cultural differences and communication gaps between the staff and the client. Building you a high-value team for your business.

Technological Improvements.

We are currently upgrading our entire remote working platform with exciting new features: idle screens detection, facial recognition, keyboard/mouse activity, night shift work state monitoring, integrations with Zoom, and new enhanced reporting. This will collectively result in improved response times from our compliance team. From the recruitment process to staff management – we work together and provide ongoing support.

But we do not stop these things. Our goal is to provide our clients with a successful remote staffing journey that gives them the highest ROIs.

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