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Here’s Why Your ‘Invisible’ Employee Is Actually Your Most Valuable One

Employers value proactive and collaborative workers, that much is certain. Who wouldn’t like working with people who are participative and productive?

But sometimes, managers struggle to silence those who won’t stop talking. Then again, they’re equally critical of employees who often stay quiet unless called upon.

Sure, we want to see everyone participating, but there is danger in assuming that quiet employees don’t contribute much.

Sometimes, the ones we consider “invisible” actually end up being the most valuable. Here’s how.

Meet the ‘Invisible’ Employee


We all know of silent workers. They’re the ones silently nodding their heads in agreement during meetings (or subtly frowning while still listening to the discussion). Most of the time, they’re not likely to raise questions or offer up ideas or initiatives.

As for taking on roles other than what their jobs require, forget about it.

But they always get their work done regardless.

Surprising Benefits of Flying Under the Radar

Surprising Benefits of Flying Under the Radar

Guess what? Many employers actually value these so-called ‘invisible’ employees. One successful entrepreneur actually claimed that he would like to have 20 more of these silent employees if he could.

For one, they don’t complain, vent, or toot their own horn. When they accomplish great things, they take it in stride and go back to work. This humility is refreshing to many employers who often have to deal with cocky and arrogant employees.

Aside from this, silent workers are often efficient, competent, and productive. Rather than wasting time talking and stirring up drama at work, they focus on work so they can produce quality work on time.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

“Invisible” workers aren’t necessarily silent all the time either. When necessary, they pass on crucial information about urgent and confidential matters.

However, they don’t stop there. Rather, many of them communicate a breakdown of the issue, the concrete steps they took to resolve it, and how the company can move forward.

To put it simply, they don’t just talk about problems. They solve them before they escalate matters.

This is exactly why leaders love invisible workers. They’re simply too busy working hard to announce that they do.

Being Invisible in the Best Way Possible


According to an interview, if leaders were to rank their employees, they would put their silent workers on top. However, it’s not only because they perform well behind the scenes. Rather, it’s also because they minimise stress for their higher-ups.

Employers and managers have a lot on their plate. The last thing they need is needless drama within their teams. Sure, there are rockstars, but some of them also raise a stink about every little thing and having to deal with that is exhausting.

To sum it up, bosses prefer ‘invisible’ employees who don’t create (or even totally eliminate) potential headaches. They handle problems before they escalate, freeing up their managers to deal with more important things.

Who wouldn’t love having employees like that?


Creating value in a company isn’t exclusive to how often we speak or how actively we volunteer. Sometimes, it’s as simple as preventing problems from arising and providing output in a simple and straightforward way as possible.

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