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Here’s Why Remote Work Is an Equaliser for Many LGBTQ Employees

Remote work is an equaliser. It brings together people from all walks of life regardless of location or culture. More importantly, it provides equal opportunities for skilled professionals, no matter their gender or orientation.

For members of the LGBTQ community, workplace inclusion is a non-negotiable. It would be hard to produce quality output in a less than-accepting environment. Hence, they prefer to work in big cities, which are usually more open and tolerant towards LGBTQ people.

When the pandemic struck, many of them felt trapped since the lockdowns forced them to stay in places or communities that were often less inclusive.

And here’s where remote work came in.

How Remote Work Supports Inclusion

How Remote Work Supports Inclusion

A LinkedIn survey found that 24 percent of its LGBTQ respondents were not open about their identity in their workplace. In fact, another 26 percent worried that their co-workers would treat them differently if they were.

Worse, 31 percent experienced blatant discrimination and micro-aggressions at work as a result.

These problems are just some of the concerns that remote work addresses.

Being able to work remotely gives LGBTQ professionals greater control over their surroundings. And since they don’t have to meet people in person everyday, there is less pressure to present themselves in traditional or heternormative ways.

As a result, they’re less likely to be judged based on their appearance. This sense of freedom then gives them more opportunities to focus and excel at work without worrying about having to defend themselves from people who may not be as accepting.

LGBTQ Representation In a Remote Setting

LGBTQ Representation In a Remote Setting

According to LGBTQ individuals, working in an inclusive virtual environment enables them to better connect with others. As a result, building fruitful relationships and professional connections within their profession becomes both possible and meaningful.

For instance, giving a nonbinary person the chance to lead a virtual meeting is a progressive step towards a more inclusive workplace. This simple act gives your other LGBTQ employees, as well as their allies, the chance to showcase their professional skills.

More importantly, this signifies that your company is open to the idea of LGBTQ individuals leading company wide discussions that pertain to their concerns in the workplace. Done right, this sends the message that your company values people based on their attitude and skills – regardless of who they choose to love.

Promoting Allyship Beyond Work

Promoting Allyship Beyond Work

Aside from providing an inclusive and open workplace, employers must also consider encouraging LGBTQ employees to seek additional support if needed. This can involve connecting virtually with other LGBTQ allies within the workplace through online discussions and other virtual events.

For instance, you can organise virtual activities this Pride Month. It can be in the form of a webinar, team buildings, or appropriate competitions.

No matter what activity you decide on, it must uphold the principles of diversity and inclusion. With the current isolation and added stress brought by the pandemic, the least the company can do is create a fun, engaging, and open work environment. For everyone.

Enforcing Inclusive Policies Online

Enforcing Inclusive Policies Online

It’s not enough to create policies. Ensuring that company culture upholds inclusivity is just as important.

Doing so would deter online harrassment and hostility towards LGBTQ workers or in extreme circumstances, bullying from managers themselves.

These incidents just show that employers must create stronger policies that protect everyone.

Always set clear expectations and be prepared to make tough decisions, especially when it comes to penalties for harassment and hostile behaviour.

At the end of the day, a safe work environment builds a culture of trust and belonging, which is indispensable for attracting and retaining the best talent- and consequently, a company’s success.


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