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Happy PH-AU Friendship Day! Here Are Some Fun Ways to Celebrate

Happy PH-AU Friendship Day! Here Are Some Fun Ways to Celebrate

Technology and innovation has made the world smaller. Neighboring countries also continue to strengthen bilateral engagements, hence the PH-AU Friendship Day between our two countries.

The Philippines and Australia have had a longstanding friendship. It’s chiefly strengthened by cultural and educational exchanges. Every year, hundreds of talented Filipino students receive scholarships from the AU government, while thousands of AU entrepreneurs hire skilled professionals from the Philippines.

The number of remote employees working with Aussie SMEs also continues to grow every year. This trend is even more likely to continue given how the WFH set-up has become more prevalent.

Going back to the Philippines-Australia Friendship Day, it’s been 75 years since May 22 has been declared as such. True enough, we’ve shared a lot of significant milestones since, from establishing a strong diplomatic relationship to, well, celebrating Fil-Aussie Catriona Gray nabbing the Miss Universe crown last 2018. *wink*wink*

In the past, we used to celebrate this day in the Philippines through film screenings, concerts, lighting ceremonies, and even fashion fairs inspired by Australia’s outdoor lifestyle. However, there are still a lot of ways we can mark the occasion, whether in the Philippines or Down Under:

Watch Aussie and Filipino Films


Movies are a great reflection of everyday life and lived experiences in certain settings (even if they’re not always accurate). For those who have yet to visit either the Philippines or Australia, watching PH or AU films can be a fairly immersive experience.

Featured or independent films are also a great resource for casual terminologies and cultural nuances. Whether you’re a Filipino planning to migrate to Straya or an AU entrepreneur about to hire your first Filipino VA, they can help provide some context.

Watching films together, even virtually, is also a great way to build camaraderie with your Filipino remote staff. Why not try asking them for recommendations while you’re at it? You could also give your own suggestions in turn and then have a lighthearted discussion about how accurately the films portray daily life in your respective countries.

Share Stories on Social Media

Share Stories on Social Media

You could be a Filipino student who’s studied in Australia. Or an Australian national who’s spent a holiday in the Philippines. Given the friendly history between our countries, chances are you have a story to tell no matter your nationality.

Why not post about these experiences on social media, encourage your family and friends to do the same? Done well, this could also double as a gesture of gratitude and good will towards your distributed Filipino-Australian team.

While you’re at it, you can also share articles about educational, entrepreneurial, or employment opportunities available in both countries. You never know who might be watching, and who could benefit from those.

Try Out Australian and Filipino Cuisine

Try Out Australian and Filipino Cuisine

The fastest way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. Really.

Food is a huge part of any culture, after all. Partaking of another country’s cuisine is both an easy and delicious way to experience such. Just ask the Filipinos based in Australia or the Aussies who have found a home in the Philippines.

For starters, try cooking PH’s chicken adobo or AU’s chicken parmigiana. You can even invite your colleagues, friends, and families based in either country to join in and have a virtual picnic!

Australia has enriched many a Filipino student’s life with scholarship grants and cultural exchange programs. Meanwhile, the Philippines has continuously provided various AU businesses with a talented workforce.

Celebrating AU-PH Friendship Day reminds us that our countries can work together and help each other thrive. Now that the world is fighting a pandemic, it’s more important than ever to continue this harmonious collaboration.

Working with someone from a different country becomes easier when you acquaint yourself with their culture. If you’ve ever hired remote Filipino talent, you’re probably familiar with Filipino culture. But if you’re still on the fence and are concerned about cultural differences, we can help you out.

Remote Staff has been bridging the gap between Filipino remote workers and AU entrepreneurs for more than a decade. Whether you’re looking for a fabulous writer, a talented designer, or a versatile virtual assistant, we can find them for you – and provide continuous support so that the working relationship remains as harmonious as that between our two countries.

Call us or schedule a callback and let’s get started. Happy PH-AU Friendship Day!

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