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Four Ways Virtual Assistants Can Support Business Coaches and Life Coaches

Life as a business or life coach is a roller coaster ride. There’s so much to do and so many people to help.

On the other hand, being a life coach or business coach can bring endless rewards. There’s no telling just how far your influence can reach.

But with great influence comes great responsibility. Literally. You constantly have to set up meetings, prepare newsletters, write blogs, record videos, manage social media accounts, and the list goes on. It’s no surprise then that lots of life/business coaches tend to work long hours and even on holidays.

There’s nothing wrong with juggling coaching duties and admin work, at least not at the beginning. But getting bogged down by minute tasks might make you miss out on valuable opportunities. Plus, you could get burned out in the long run.

Fortunately, you can always seek out professional and skilled virtual assistants to take all those tedious tasks out of your hands.

So, spend more time on your coaching and let your VA do the following:

Manage your social media account.


Social media is great for connecting with your current and future clients. But this requires regular updates and constant monitoring. Thus, it’s best to leave handling social media inquiries and replying to your followers to a capable VA.

Your social media accounts also need to be actively sharing your content so that FB algorithms can pick up your posts and make them more visible to the right audience. For instance, you can have your VA share your latest talks and videos, along with teaser clips and relevant quotes.

VAs who specialise in social media management can also plot scheduled posts and write engaging copies for more organic reach and engagement.

Update your website content.

Update your website content

Maintaining a well-functioning and professional-looking website is a must for any business coach and life coach worth their salt. It could be your only chance at making a favorable first impression on people who look you up online. Luckily, the right VA can design and maintain your website, keeping its content up-to-date and handling plug-in updates or rate changes so you won’t have to.

Write content and do research.


Coaching can entail producing a lot of quality content. People listen to you because you deliver a great deal of value, after all. But you need to do continuous research on relevant topics to keep doing that.

Instead of reading hundreds of web pages on your own, just find a VA to do research for you. If they happen to be a good writer as well, you can even have them write articles in your name. Just share your past work with them so they can get a feel for your writing style, and you’re good to go.

Prepare for speaking events and moderate webinars.

Prepare for speaking events and moderate webinars

The best business coaches and life coaches always have events or webinars going on. These can require extensive preparation, namely research, writing, and networking. Here’s where a VA comes in. Most of them specialise in organising schedules and multi-tasking, so they can do the heavy lifting for your event preps.

If you’re working with a graphic design VA, you can even delegate your presentation slides to them for better images and infographics.

These are just four tasks that a VA can help you with. You’re probably doing fine on your own, but imagine how much more impact you could have if you focus on growing your base and leave the rest to a skilled assistant.

Finding the right VA is crucial to any business that wants to scale quickly and sustainably. Remote Staff takes pride in providing AU entrepreneurs in various industries with dynamic and skilled Filipino remote workers, and we’ve been doing it for more than 10 years. Whether you’re looking for a designer, content writer, bookkeeper, or virtual assistant, we can find the right match for your professional needs.

Give us a call or schedule a callback and help us help you.

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