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feature - Five Best Practices to Encourage Customers to Leave Good Feedback for Your Business

Five Best Practices to Encourage Customers to Leave Good Feedback for Your Business

Consumers use the internet to do anything. They go online to find, compare, and acquire products and services, hot talents, and even hotter dates (though that’s for a completely different website entirely).

What does this mean for your business then?

According to a recent report, over two-thirds of consumers read online reviews before trying out a product or service. And if they happen to read more negative reviews than positive ones, they’d buy from somewhere else altogether.

Thus, if you want to build a good online presence, you’ll need to rack up quite a few good reviews.

Here are five ways to get your customers to provide you with genuine, positive feedback:

Ask Your Customers

Ask Your Customers

Of course, the easiest way is to ask your customers. In fact, according to a survey, an overwhelming 56 percent of Australian customers write a review simply because they were asked to!

If you’d like to try this, pick a repeat customer. They’re more likely to be satisfied with your products and/or services. (And are more likely to respond positively to a request for a review as well.)

After they leave a review, don’t forget to thank them personally. Even a personalized email will help strengthen their good will for your brand even more.

Post on Social Media

Post on Social Media

Already have a few reviews up your sleeve? Pick the most detailed and relatable ones and post them all over your socials. This can encourage other customers to leave a review as well. (It can also boost your engagement levels if they comment directly on your page.)

Better yet, you can also ask your clients to post their photos of your products with their reviews.

Done right, this strategy is also a good way to connect both potential and existing customers.

Don’t Neglect Your Other Platforms

Don’t Neglect Your Other Platforms

Sometimes, it’s not enough to have great reviews on Facebook.

Customers, for instance, look for reviews everywhere. They’ll look for them on Google, Instagram, TikTok, and other online platforms. And if they find something off about your products and/or services, they’ll think twice before buying.

Hence, don’t focus on a single platform. Maintain a strong presence on your website, social media accounts, as well as on other different business platforms.

More importantly, try to respond to both positive and negative reviews. Customers love a responsive brand, and it’ll help contribute to your image as a trustworthy business.

Automate Your Request

Automate Your Request

Most of the time, customers like to leave feedback…unless they forget.

So instead of waiting for them to remember, set up automated prompts. You can use email marketing software or better yet, hire a marketing specialist. They can set up follow-up emails and implement other direct marketing strategies too.

Entice Your Customers

Entice Your Customers

Enticing customers with incentives is a tried-and-tested approach for a reason. It works.

Customers that give detailed testimonials will definitely welcome free samples, gift cards, or discount coupons, for instance. Think of them as your tokens of gratitude for reviews that take time and effort to compose and provide.


Lastly, customer reviews provide you with the opportunity to understand your target audience better. Their insights and experiences – both good and bad – help you create and develop better products and services moving forward.

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