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Eleven Holiday Gifts That Your Remote Workers Will Appreciate

Eleven Holiday Gifts That Your Remote Workers Will Appreciate

Despite 2020 being the dumpster fire that it is, it seems that Christmas is still coming. I suppose that can be a relief. Don’t we all need a bit of holiday cheer?

And if your business has managed to soldier on despite the pandemic, you probably have your remote workers to thank for that.

As the Philippines is a developing country, the pandemic hit it especially hard. As I write this, we’re eight months into a nationwide lockdown and a couple of weeks away from one of the worst storms to desolate the country.

To say that it’s been a tough year is a major understatement. No matter how resilient and/or capable your remote workers are, a small gesture of Christmas goodwill won’t go awry with them either.

So, to spare you from a great deal of thinking, here are some presents that your remote team will surely appreciate, for a variety of budgets:

1. A sleek tumbler.

1 A sleek tumbler

Whether your remote employees are #TeamCoffee or #TeamTea, they’ll appreciate a tumbler that will keep their drinks warm. Lots of online sellers offer these in different styles and colors, and you can even customise them especially for your team.

2. Stylish blue light glasses.

Blue light blocking glasses on the laptop. Black frame glasses for filtering blue light from the computer. Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome. Eye protection from PC screen

Remote work often entails spending a lot of time in front of a screen. This can wreak havoc on one’s eyes. A stylish pair of blue light blocking glasses thus make a thoughtful gift for any remote worker out there.

3. Noise-cancelling headphones.

Wireless headphone, laptop PC on dark wooden table

These are especially perfect if your remote worker has other people living with them. Sometimes, you just want to drown out the sound of the people around you so you can get things done, right?

4. A wireless speaker.

Wireless speaker

On the other hand, some remote workers prefer to have their preferred playlist blasting away in the background as they work. If you think yours falls into that category, this is also a great alternative.

5. A wireless mouse.


Or any other useful computer accessory, for that matter. A new webcam, microphone, etc. would be a lovely addition to the stash under your worker’s Christmas tree.

It sounds straightforward, but many remote workers prioritise their families, so they don’t get to buy these kinds of things for themselves. You, as their boss, can, however.

6. Membership to a local co-working space.


Working at home can be lonely. Sometimes, a remote worker would like to venture out for a change of scenery, or to be among other people.

Since we’re still in the middle of a pandemic, they might not be able to use this right away, but some co-working spaces are offering gift certificates that your remote workers can use once it’s safe to go out again.

7. Digital education courses.


Ah, if you feel that your remote worker is especially promising and if you’ve got the budget to spare, this would be the ultimate present.

LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, and Udemy are just a few of the most reputable digital learning platforms out there. You can try scrolling through their offerings to determine which one would help further your remote worker’s career the most.

And since this present would enhance your remote staff’s skills, consider it an investment that could very well pay off for you too.

8. A subscription to an online home fitness program.


The gyms are still closed on this side of the world, but your remote workers might be antsy for a bit of physical exertion. (Or they might want something to help them shed that holiday weight.)

Fortunately, there are several fitness apps available, and you can get varying packages for your remote workers, which they can simply access on their phones.

9. A low-maintenance house plant.


Due to the lockdown, most Filipinos still can’t go out of the house. So, to bring in a bit of outdoor cheer, they’ve taken to fostering house plants at home (i.e., the plantito/plantita craze).

Hence, you could arrange to have a plant delivered to your remote workers. Check out this list for more ideas.

10. Groceries for a Christmas dinner.


This is a standard gift for many Filipino companies, and with good reason. Supermarkets can be packed during the holidays, and a basket of holiday dinner ingredients means employees won’t have to do some last-minute grocery shopping.

If you’re not sure about what to include, the ingredients for Filipino-style spaghetti or macaroni salad will never fail to please.

11. A fat bonus.


Come on, you knew this was coming.

All the other gifts on this list are great, but extra cash during the holiday season of one of the worst years in living memory remains to be the most useful present. If your team has increased your company’s profits exponentially this year (!), you may want to give a bit of that back.

If you really can’t afford to give anything this year, opt for some heartfelt appreciation instead. “Thank you for your hard work.” “I appreciate your talents and your willingness to always help out.” “You are a big part of my company’s success, and I value your contributions greatly.” These things cost nothing, but you can bet that they’ll warm your remote worker’s heart and go a long way towards inspiring their loyalty.

Happy Holidays!

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